3 Distinctive Ways that Gentle Force Chiropractic Can Help

For many decades, the practices and techniques that involve chiropractic have been used by traditional healers to help to alleviate pain and bring back functionality after traumatic events and injuries. In the modern health system, gentle force chiropractic practices fall under the musculoskeletal system department and is used to reduce problems related to the nerves, improve joint and spinal biomechanics, and help in restoration to normal functioning. This practice involves a gentle touch versus the traditional “bone cracking” that you may know.

“It’s astounding how much can happen with such gentle force.”

This is something that we hear all the time, and we agree! It is amazing what the body can do. Here at Twin Waves Wellness Center, we focus on parts of the body that are resourced and allow that to help parts that may not be as resourced.

Ways in which gentle force chiropractic can help

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Gentle force chiropractic practices have several benefits you can experience:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally

From a physical standpoint, this type of chiropractic is aimed at relieving pressure on joints at the same time improving their range of motion and functionality. There are several techniques that are involved in processes that result in the release of pressure on joints. We have seen the body begin to heal itself, which is amazing!

Looking through a Holistic Chiropractic Lens

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Holistic practices, like Network Spinal, are changing the way people view health and wellness. For example, NSA is a gentle force chiropractic technique. Oftentimes, our practice members experience amazing results physically, but also emotionally.

We can speak from our own experience as Network Spinal Doctors that we have been able to work through things that we were struggling with emotionally through this work. That’s the incredible part about this technique! It allows you to go deep within yourself, and work through past traumas. Have you ever felt a pain in your body before because of going through a negative emotional experience? Or how about a simple shift in your body? A common example is a stress pimple! It’s a simple example at that, but it is a physical result that happens from an emotional experience.

At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we believe that gentle force chiropractic can help you work through anything in your life. Give us a call or reach out to us on our website to learn more about this innovative technique that we practice here in Solana Beach, CA. All are welcome.

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