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As children, we are like sponges, taking in everything we see and observe from our environment.

Through the programming of our nervous system, we become conditioned to be and act in a certain way. In fact, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, “perceptions acquired before the age of six become the fundamental subconscious programs that shape the character of an individual’s life.” At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we help rewire and repattern the nervous system, so that your true, authentic self can shine. We are holistic chiropractors Accredited through the Better Busines Bureau.

Dr. Kira Capozzolo

Dr. Kira Capozzolo

Dr. Kira’s awareness of the mind-body connection stemmed from her parents, who were both dancers, artists, and visionaries. This awareness became even more important after her father passed away when she was 10 years old. She quickly learned that there must be something more to our physicality. In 2010, she began her study of Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego, where she worked with kids with autism and eventually participated in criminal justice research. Shortly after, her burning interest in the mind-body connection and helping others took her on the path to becoming a chiropractor. Doctor Kira studied at Life Chiropractic College West, where she graduated salutatorian of her class and received the Love Award of Lasting Purpose. Dr. Kira’s passion is helping people reconnect with themselves so that they can live their best lives. She believes that everyone has the capacity to heal, grow, and thrive. It is her mission to help people ignite that fire within and turn the power on. Along with chiropractic, Dr. Kira enjoys running, hiking, being outside, drawing, traveling, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family.
Dr. Suzanna Wong

Dr. Suzanna Wong

Dr. Suzanna remembers watching a home video of her 3-year-old self, and thinking, “I want to be like HER again.” - that spunky, happy, wild, inner child who wasn’t afraid of being wrong or making a mistake. She was, well, FREE. Doctor Suzanna then made a commitment to rediscover how to be her fullest, most authentic self. After graduating magna cum laude and getting her bachelors of science in psychology at UCSD, it wasn’t long before she discovered Network chiropractic (of which she thanks her mother). She had always been interested in the mind/body connection and was thrilled to find a healing modality that encompassed both things. Through Network care and the journey of self-discovery it engendered, Dr. Suzanna has dedicated the rest of her life to helping others do the same. She graduated valedictorian from Life Chiropractic College West in 2018 and has been a practicing chiropractor specializing in Network spinal ever since. Dr. Suzanna’s overall purpose is to help others connect back to who they really are, so that they become the best possible version of themselves, and live the lives they were truly meant to live. In doing so, Suzanna believes we can help the greater consciousness of humanity.

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