3 Effective Strategies to Avoid Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain plagues much of our society. As humans continue to grow older in life, it can become more challenging to avoid back pain.

Whether you are a sports player, dentist, or engineer, there’s a chance that you’ve experienced upper back pain. Many of us have been forced to work from home instead of in the field. This drastic change in the workforce has led to decreased physical activity in people’s lives. Being stagnant is commonly followed by aches and pain. Upper back pain is no different.

To help us live a healthier life, we will review effective ways to avoid upper back pain.

1.) Visit Your Local Chiropractor

Chiropractic care helps people avoid injuries and keep their bodies healthy. If you are nervous about experiencing upper back pain, visiting a local chiropractor can help.

Chiropractic care has been around for centuries. It can be used as a proactive or reactive health protocol. Chiropractors are experienced in helping patients with back and neck pain. More specifically, upper back pain is something that chiropractors encounter every day. If you are experiencing chronic upper back pain, or have had a recent injury, consider seeing a chiropractor in your town.

2.) Stretch Your Shoulders Regularly

Our shoulders bridge the gap between our arms and upper back. Shoulders are very vulnerable when it comes to tweaking or pulling muscles when lifting things.

By keeping your shoulders strong and stretching them regularly, you can avoid upper back pain. For example, consider practicing this stretch:

  • pull your right arm across your chest, stretching it to the left side of your body. Do the same for your opposite arm, stretching it the opposite way. This helps keep ligaments and muscles loose in your shoulders and upper back area.

Stretching may seem like a tedious task. Even if it is a pain to do, it can help. Not to mention, it is also free. You can keep your body loose and warm up throughout the day by stretching. This is one of the best preventative measures you can take to avoid upper back pain and injury.

3.) Practice Yoga

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Yoga has experienced a huge resurgence since the pandemic started. Similar to stretching, you can practice yoga right from the comfort of your own living room. Yoga does not only stretch your legs; that is a common myth.

By practicing yoga, you can experience deep stretches throughout your upper and lower back. By keeping these areas of your body loose, you are less likely to suffer from pain. Yoga is both free and paid, depending on where you would like to practice and who you would like to be taught from. You can start by watching free videos online before jumping into a full subscription. Remember, your health is important to invest in.

Stand Up Against Upper Back Pain

The secret sauce is in the routine. Whether you plan to visit a chiropractor, see a yoga instructor, or stretch at home, being consistent is important. If you only do it a few times a month, don’t expect huge results. By adding this into your weekly routines, you can increase your overall health and wellness. Avoid upper back pain through these three effective strategies.

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