How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Holiday weight gain is something many people worry about. Between November to January, it’s estimated that adults gain one pound on average. While this may not seem excessive, getting rid of that pound takes a lot of work.

Weight gain doesn’t need to be inevitable. There are ways you can keep balanced and maintain your health, even during the height of the holiday season.

Here are our top tips to stay healthy over the next few months.

Integrate physical activities

Most families spend time indoors playing games or watching TV during the holidays. Try to integrate a family snow walk or some other physical activity to help burn some of the extra calories you consume. This is an important habit to pass on to your children too.

Snack mindfully

Cookies and other snacks are generally on the kitchen counter a lot more during the holidays. This can mean you’re picking one up without even thinking about it. Try to be mindful of your snacking and only eat when you’re genuinely hungry. Another trick is to have your snacks hidden away if you don’t have guests.

Get enough sleep

The holidays can mess up your routine and cause sleep disturbances. Sleep loss or poor sleeping patterns can aid weight gain so try to maintain some routine over the holidays to keep your body balanced.

Manage stress

The holidays are often more stressful than you expect them to be. Stress can aid weight gain. When stressed, you produce a hormone called cortisol, which is associated with a bigger appetite. You’re also more likely to indulge in junk food and other comforts when you’re feeling the pressures of the holidays take hold.

Get enough fiber and protein

Try to focus on getting enough fiber (and protein) to induce a feeling of fullness and keep your body regular during the holiday season. Fiber and protein are generally associated with healthier foods too.


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