Back Pain in Older Adults

How a chiropractor can help you heal and recover

Painful back pain is common among older people because of the decrease in mobility. Visiting a chiropractor in Solana Beach, CA can help. Back pain creates problems with how they move around, which can result in muscle stiffness. However, these injuries do not affect old people equally; it affects them more severely if their health condition has already deteriorated. The muscles are also weaker, so any physical activity will worsen the painful back pain.

There are many different things that can cause back pain, such:

The best way to prevent these causes is by taking care of your body and visiting a chiropractor. It’s also important to have someone who knows about the specifics of the cause to help heal your injury.

Chiropractors can Help Back Pain of Older Adults

When a person is past the age of arthritis, a chiropractor in Solana Beach can help them heal from their back pain. With a chiropractic adjustment, the spine will be more flexible and have fewer restrictions. This leads to better alignment and the person will feel much better.

Typically, a chiropractor will see their older patients on a regular schedule so that they can help them with back pain management. During these visits, the chiropractor will check for a range of motion limitations as well as any tightness or restrictions in movement. When there are alterations within the spine, the joints have to compensate causing more pain and discomfort. A chiropractic adjustment improves these issues very quickly making it easier for people to do daily activities without trouble.

Chiropractic Care Options

Treatment plans are customized personally for each patient depending on what kind of activities they enjoy doing most often. Some people do not have problems getting around while others need assistance just walking upstairs or getting out of chairs. Age is not a factor for someone receiving chiropractic care, only the condition of their spine and how they are personally affected by pain.

There are many age-related conditions like arthritis that cause back pain in older adults. Most often, this comes from the loss of bone density which causes joints to wear out more rapidly than they should.

As the bones lose density, they become weaker and more prone to injury or degeneration. A person will notice that their range of motion decreases as well as flexibility on one side of the body compared to the other side (this can be seen on X-ray results).

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Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

1.) Receive a Diagnosis

You can actually find out what is going on with your body! Chiropractors will often perform a physical exam of the area and ask about your medical history. They may also recommend that you undergo imaging studies such as X-rays or MRIs to rule out any dangerous conditions, such as cancer.

2.) Receive an Entrainment or Adjustment

This is the main treatment performed by chiropractors that addresses more serious conditions. Adjustments are also known as spinal adjustments, manual manipulations of the spine, or active release techniques (ART).

These are used to decrease inflammation in muscles and ligaments around joints of the back, thus restoring normal movement of the vertebral column. These treatments usually involve a low force thrust on an affected joint to “free” it up, followed by stretching of both muscle groups surrounding that joint.

3.) Education on Your Body

Your chiropractor will likely recommend exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as provide tips for simple things you can do at home or work to avoid future episodes of pain.

If you are experiencing back pain, which can be either up or lower, click here to learn how a chiropractor in Solana Beach can help you recover. There are different care packages for everyone out there. Consider these tips when searching for chiropractic care in North County San Diego.

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