The Basics of Network Spinal Analysis

Chiropractors believe that pain is a manifestation of a distressed body. All forms of pain, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, can usually be worked on and improved by chiropractic care.

Trauma in the body causes misalignment of the spinal cord, which in turn can cause back, neck, or other spinal-related discomforts. Realignment through gentle force chiropractic, which is non-invasive at particular points, helps the body to begin healing.

Network Spinal, also known as NSA or network spinal analysis, is a method of chiropractic care that only focuses on getting in touch with the nervous system to relieve the spine from tension. It is a holistic approach to healing. Network Spinal focuses on places in the body that have stored tension and can help guide that energy through movement, enabling that body to heal.

How does Network Spinal Analysis work?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Chiropractors believe that any physical stress applied to the body can turn into tension stored throughout the nervous system and stored in the spine. Network Spinal Analysis helps practice members confront things on a mental (emotional) level, in addition to the physical level. Network chiropractors use gentle touches applied on specific points on the range to try and contact the parts of the body that get are stressed.

Network chiropractic care ensures that instead of the nervous system transmitting pain sensations to the brain, it focuses on the delicate areas. In turn, the body connects with the peaceful feelings causing relief, and this becomes the automatic response to the body’s stress. What is helpful to realize fully is that physical pain or discomfort can oftentimes be caused by emotional trauma that was stored in the body previously.

NSA does not treat the symptom but instead focuses on the root cause of that pain. It uses resourced parts of the body to help it help. The body adapts to this and it automatically becomes its response to future distress.

This chiropractic technique is evidence-based and can be used to treat the following:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Auto-related accident injuries
  • Knee pains
  • Emotional pain and stress

You can utilize wellness practices, such as Somato Respiratory Integration, with NSA to enhance your life and become one with your being. SRI exercises involve different breathwork practices to help reground your soul and mind. Thinking about trying both? For more information on Network Spinal Analysis visit our website. Untap your greatest self through Network Spinal and SRI.

Impactful Benefits of NSA

The pain that radiates from the backaches as a result of either physical or emotional discomfort. Network Spinal Analysis releases the tension in the spine, reducing stress in turn. You can improve your overall health and wellness through this holistic chiropractic care.

Regular sessions help turn the body from responding to pain to responding to peaceful and soothing impulses.

Improving life: Frequent visits to your chiropractor can help you relax. Life generally seems a bit more accessible, and peace becomes a norm.

When one is full of positivity, one tends to make better choices and is typically healthier. Tension, or making decisions under any distress, might cloud your judgment. It is known to promote positive life choices and health.

Better moods: Frequent sessions with a chiropractor have proven to generally improve moods. We all understand that mood swings/fluctuations are connected to the brain. All these are signals sent to the brain by the Central Nervous System (CNS), which trigger reactions by the brain to certain stimuli.

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