5 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Visiting a chiropractor (chiro) can have many health benefits such as relief of lower back pain, reducing migraines, and help lower high blood pressure. If you’re wondering what a chiropractor is, it is a health care professional who specializes in adjustments, also known as manipulations to help reduce pain in parts of the body.

The chiropractor has specific goals, such as correcting misaligned spines, reducing pain, and helping the body heal naturally. This means the doctor must complete several years of undergraduate school, and then proceed with the four-year doctor program. If you’re experiencing low back pain or discomfort in parts of your body, here are some reasons why it is beneficial to visit a chiropractor.

1. Chiropractor for Migraine Relief

Twin Waves Wellness Team

If you have ever had those throbbing migraines but don’t like taking medication for them, a chiropractor can help provide relief from the migraine. Headaches and migraines can derive from an issue with the spine or back. Aligning your spine will increase the function of the nervous system and reduce overall physical stress on your body. These doctors provide a more natural alternative instead of taking over-the-counter pain medication or even narcotic pain medication. After getting adjusted at the doctor’s, your headaches may be reduced regardless of if they are tension headaches or migraines. When a chiropractor makes an adjustment with the goal of headache relief, you might be surprised what can happen!

2. Scoliosis: Curvature of the Spine

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Scoliosis is when the spine is not properly aligned, resulting in a curve. The curve can be a c curve or s curve. There are many misconceptions about individuals with scoliosis not having pain. The truth is that many symptoms of scoliosis include having an abnormal posture, cause pain, breathing issues, and reduce your range of motion. There are not many options to treat scoliosis other than medication, injections, and surgery. These are pretty intense treatment options many do not want to proceed with. As a D.C. makes the adjustments, it reduces the pressure on the nervous system, increases your ability to breathe, and strengthens joints.

3. Back Pain

About 80% of American’s experience back pain and seek treatment from a doctor to get pain relief. There are plenty of treatment options for back pain. For example, some people use ice and rest from there. From that, to even more extreme measures such as medication treatment, steroid injections, and surgery can be directions that people are considering. Many people do not even consider a chiro for wellness treatment. This kind of treatment is known to be effective and is cheaper than other pain management options. Additionally, treatment works quickly, is effective, and more affordable. The doctor will help make the adjustments to your spine reducing inflammation and pain.

4. Chiropractor to Reduce High Blood Pressure

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Let’s face it, as we get older high blood pressure can occur due to stressful lives. High blood pressure leads to serious conditions such as stroke, heart attack, or blood clots. High blood pressure is usually treated with ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, eating healthy, and exercising. Not only do these mediations have negative effects on health such as dizziness, fatigue, and weight loss, they are usually used for the long term. A chiro can help reduce high blood pressure by re-aligning the Atlas vertebra that is found in the neck. Studies have shown high blood pressure has been reduced greatly after just one session.

5. Reduce Inflammation

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Pain in the body is can often be a result of inflammation in your body. When inflammation attacks the body, it usually attacks the joints. If inflammation is not treated, it can result in other diseases such as chronic pain, cancer, and heart disease. Seeking a D.C. to help reduce inflammation due to pain can help lower your overall pain. Inflammation is usually caused by a misaligned spine. As soon as the adjustment is made, it returns the nerves back to their original function. The doctor will realign the spine helping to reduce the inflammation.


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