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Energy and the Nervous System

ENERGY. It’s everywhere! From your dining room table to the wind against your face, to the compassion you feel towards a loved one. You can call it new-aged, hippie, or “woo-woo,” but it’s actually science! On a physicist level, the only difference between if something is solid or liquid is the amount of anatomical energy it carries.

Did you know that this energy and information from the environment are interpreted by our NERVOUS SYSTEM? It’s the job of our nervous system to then coordinate this energy and information to create certain responses within our bodies AND lives. When the body is in a state of STRESS, energy and information can get distorted and is unable to flow throughout the body, which actually PREVENTS growth and healing.

What’s YOUR Energy State?

Many people live each day with either no energy at all or JUST enough energy to get by and make it through the day. How are YOU responding throughout your day-to-day life? Are you struggling to change your energy state? Are you wondering how to increase energy levels so you can live each day with ease, connect fully with those you love, and complete tasks with greater resiliency?

Network Care at Twin Waves Wellness Center

Network Care helps you do this more effortlessly and automatically by UPGRADING the nervous system. Through entrainment and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), new energy becomes available when it’s liberated from the body. Can you imagine what it would be and FEEL like to live life with more energy? At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we use gentle chiropractic care to establish more connections between your brain and body. When our mind-body is more connected, we have a greater capacity to adapt to situations, make congruent decisions, let go of muscular tension, and live with more energy and vitality!

Click here to learn about the benefits seeing a chiropractor in Solana Beach. Things can open up in your life. This can be both physically and emotionally!

Energy is in everything, including our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. Change your energy, change your life! See how the nervous system uses this new information to increase energy levels and create sustainable changes for a healthier and more enlivened YOU!

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