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Holistic Chiropractic Care in Del Mar, CA

Back and neck pain are the opposite of fun. Pain can be debilitating, to the point where you have to alter your entire lifestyle. There are incredible benefits, including relief from back pain, that you can experience by visiting a Del Mar chiropractor. Chiropractic care is a powerful tool that can help you overcome pain in your back and neck.

Say goodbye to chronic pain! Take advantage of chiropractic care in Del Mar by consulting with a spine expert.

What Does a Del Mar Chiropractor Do?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Chiropractors in Del Mar service people from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and medical histories. It’s not uncommon for people to visit a chiropractor without any existing pain or injuries. Oftentimes, they are seeking to connect their mind and body more through chiropractic care.

At our wellness center, we practice network spinal.

“Wait… what technique did you just say?”

Holistic Healing Through Chiropractic Care

There are two incredible network spinal chiropractors that service Del Mar, California in a powerful and holistic way. At this chiropractic office, there is no cracking of bones. Sounds crazy, right?

Instead of a traditional chiropractic adjustment, practice members get entrained. This involves light touches along the spine, neck, and back. It focuses on stored tension within the body and is extremely effective when trying to relieve pain from chronic or recent injuries.

If you’re interested in learning more about network spinal (NSA) click here.

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    Why Visit a Chiropractor in Del Mar?

    Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

    Body inflammation is one of the largest factors that contribute to injury, discomfort, and fatigue. Oftentimes, when you suffer from an injury in your lower back or neck, the muscles around that area become inflamed.

    By visiting a chiropractor in Del Mar, you can relieve the pain you’re experiencing by reducing your body’s inflammation. For example, if you have chronic neck pain, areas near your upper cervical are likely inflamed. Receiving chiropractic care can reduce and eliminate this issue, ultimately relieving you of the pain you are experiencing.

    Say Goodbye to Back Pain

    Twin Waves Wellness Team

    Chiropractors can be a great alternative compared to some of the more intrusive forms of treatment, such as injections and surgery. Your body is smart, and knows how to heal on its own!

    Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, or have experienced a recent injury, your body has the power to heal on its own. At our wellness center, the duo of twin chiropractors are here to support you as you heal.

    Holistic practices outside the office that you can do

    Holistic physicians recommend to people suffering from chronic back pain first seek other forms of treatment before getting prescribed medication. Here’s a list of effective things to implement into your life that can help your body heal from inflammation, pain, and injury:

    Relieve Your Neck Pain

    Experiencing neck pain is among the most common physical problems affecting countless people today. Most who suffer from neck problems are concerned because they have terrible posture, regularly sit down for multiple hours a day, or periodically bend their necks to use their mobile phones.

    Visiting a Del Mar chiropractor can help you reduce pain in your neck by eliminating tensions present in your neck muscles.

    Unwinding tension

    The unwinding of tension along the cervical spine by a chiropractor can reduce neck pain. By working with the nervous system on this, your body can experience great changes both physically and emotionally. Connect your mind, body, and soul by visiting our chiropractic office near Del Mar, CA.

    Feel Better Physically

    Twin Waves Wellness Team

    Physical performance can be noticeably improved from receiving chiropractic care. You can increase your overall flexibility and mobility on your joints and limbs.

    Do you enjoy exercising and being active? Your body can then move quicker and more efficiently when exercising, hiking, or playing sports. We have had numerous practice members come into our chiropractic office in Del Mar injury-free, and leave even healthier.

    If staying active is a high priority in your life, seeing a Del Mar chiropractor can help your body stay more dialed in. You can become more flexible, which will increase the fluidity of your movements and strides. Avoid injuries while exercising and stay active!

    Avoid Drops in Energy

    Twin Waves Wellness Team

    Are you struggling to find balance in life?

    When going to a Del Mar chiropractor, you can increase your body’s energy. For anyone suffering from stored tension within their muscles, chiropractic care can relieve you of that.

    Many people that come into our office find themselves sitting up straighter, having better interactions with people, and retaining their energy until they go to bed. Your life can become more relaxed when you can tap into resourced energy within yourself and your body.

    Holistic Del Mar Chiropractors

    Twin Waves Wellness Team

    From the perspective of a holistic chiropractor, we encourage everyone to take care of their bodies outside the office as well. This means eating healthy, exercising, and incorporating wellness into your daily routines.

    There are great benefits that you can experience from having a regular morning routine that brings joy to the start of your day.

    Important of the Spine & Nervous System

    The spine and nervous system are connected to nearly every part of your body. If there is tension or misalignment, it can negatively affect other things.

    Our goal as holistic chiropractors is to identify the root cause of your pain. This can be something physical or emotional. We believe that emotions can affect how the body functions, which falls in line with how connected the nervous system is to everything.

    Have you ever had a stomach ache from being nervous? That is your body at work! A fight-or-flight response can trigger and influence many things throughout our bodies. Pain can show up as something physical but initially influenced by something emotional.

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    Give us a call at (760) 487-8106 or fill out the simple form to learn how we can help you along your healing journey! There are plenty of things that you can add to your life to align your mind, body, and soul. Visiting a Del Mar chiropractor can help your body heal and help you live life in the most optimal way possible.

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