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Experience relief from physical and emotional pain through holistic chiropractic care.

It’s 7:00 AM. You wake up, and your back pain is more excruciating than the day prior. Do you call your Solana Beach chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is among the most common pain management options available today, especially if you are suffering from neck and back pain. Dating back 100’s of years, Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) have been helping people along their healing journeys. Chiropractors look at the root cause of the pain or injury, instead of simply slapping a bandaid on it or prescribing medication for temporary relief. Pain and injuries should not be treated by a one-size-fits-all approach, right?

At Twin Waves Wellness Center, located in the heart of Solana Beach, we offer holistic chiropractic services to help support you along your healing journey. Are you dealing with neck pain, back pain, or simply wanting to get more out of life? Call us today to start optimizing how your body feels and get more out of life! (760) 487-8106

Fast forward to now, chiropractors in Solana Beach, California have brought new and innovative approaches to healing. Let’s review 5 incredible benefits that you can experience from visiting a Solana Beach chiropractor.

What is a Solana Beach Chiropractor Visit Like?

Many chiropractors in Solana Beach believe that the body has the ability and resources to heal itself. The body is smart! We are simply here to help guide it.

Through gentle touches along the neck and spine, called entrainments or adjustments, network chiropractors help you release stored tension that is oftentimes causing pain or inflammation. If there are areas of the body that are more resources, chiropractors can tap into those parts to help other areas unwind tension.

At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we practice a gentle force technique, called Network Spinal, to help your body heal. Through this holistic chiropractic approach, we utilize resourced energy within your body to help it heal through physical pain, injuries, and stored emotional trauma. If you have experienced back, neck, or other injuries in the past, this type of chiropractic will help you experience pain relief and recovery faster. People seeking energy healing often visit our chiropractic office in Solana Beach. Additionally, we are chiropractors that work well with seniors, active older adults, and people that don’t enjoy the cracking that is traditionally seen at chiropractic offices.

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Chiropractic care does not only have to be for pain. Many people come to see us because they are struggling with anxiety, depression, or emotional trauma. Others simply want to connect more with themselves and optimize their life. As Solana Beach chiropractors, we provide a safe space for all and are here to support you.

How a Chiropractor in Solana Beach Can Help

1. Relief from Neck Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Neck pain is among the most common physical problems affecting millions of Americans today. Most of the people who suffer from neck problems are concerned because they have terrible posture, regularly sit down for multiple hours a day, or periodically bend their necks to use their mobile phones. A chiropractor can assist you in reducing the pain in your neck by eliminating tensions present in your neck muscles. Twin Waves Wellness Center also works with the nervous system to alleviate stored tensions throughout your muscles.

Many studies have shown that the unwinding of tension along the cervical spine by a chiropractor helps reduce neck pain for a short period by changing the levels of neuropeptides present in the blood. Neuropeptides are proteins that are manufactured in the nervous system, and they function as hormones or as neurotransmitters.

By working with the nervous system to unwind tension, your body can experience great changes both physically and emotionally. Connect your mind, body, and soul by visiting our chiropractic office in Solana Beach, CA.

2. Treat Back Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Seeing the chiropractor can be a great alternative compared to some of the more intrusive forms of treatment, such as injections and surgery. If you are dealing with chronic pain, or have experienced a recent injury, your body has the power to heal on its own. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, our duo of holistic chiropractors are here to support you through your healing journey. Come visit our chiropractic office and get started today!

While at home, if you are in serious pain, there are things you can do to help reduce that before seeing a chiropractor. Some require more effort than others, but all are effective.

  • Meditate
  • Increased exercise
  • Reduce sugar and carbs from diet
  • Stretching and yoga

3. Increased Daily Energy

Life is difficult to balance. Do you wake up on certain days of the week feeling exhausted and low-energy? Besides drinking another cup of coffee, there are other ways that you can improve your energy throughout the day. By seeing a Solana Beach chiropractor, you will increase your body’s energy.

For anyone suffering from stored tension within their muscles, chiropractic care can relieve you of that. Many people that come into Twin Waves Wellness Center find themselves sitting up straighter, having better interactions with people, and retaining their energy until they go to bed. Life gets much easier when you can tap into resourced energy within yourself and your body.

4. Improved Physical Performance

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Athletic performances can be noticeably improved by receiving chiropractic care. You can increase your overall flexibility and mobility on your joints. Your body can then move quicker and more efficiently when exercising or playing sports. We have had numerous practice members come into our chiropractic office in Solana Beach injury-free, and leave even healthier.

If fitness is a priority in your life, receiving chiropractic care in Solana Beach, CA can help. Your body will become more flexible, which will increase the fluidity of your movements and strides. Avoid injuries while exercising by visiting a chiropractor.

5. Less Inflammation

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Do you know one of the largest factors that contribute to injury, discomfort, and fatigue? Inflammation! Oftentimes, when you suffer from an injury in your lower back or neck, the muscles around that area become inflamed.

By visiting a chiropractor in Solana Beach, you can relieve the pain you’re experiencing by reducing your body’s inflammation. For example, if you have chronic neck pain, areas near your upper cervical are likely inflamed. Receiving chiropractic care can reduce and eliminate this issue, ultimately relieving you of the pain you are experiencing.

Finding the Best Solana Beach Chiropractor

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Finding the best fit for you in terms of a chiropractor is the final piece of the puzzle. If you don’t like who you work with, or receive services from, those interactions can be a complete drag.

We always go the extra mile for our practice members here at Twin Waves. Each care plan is specifically designed for what that person is needed at that moment in their life. These chiropractors are here to support you along your journey to healing. Our goal is to help you live your life on the most optimal level possible.

Click here to learn about how a Solana Beach chiropractor can help your body heal. Twin Waves Wellness Center practices a holistic chiropractic technique called Network Spinal. We use a gentle force technique to help you release stored tension in your body.

What are chiropractic adjustments like?

Receiving an adjustment from a chiropractor is relieving. Interestingly enough, the sessions that take place at our chiropractic office are actually called entrainments. In the network spinal world, people sometimes refer to them as adjustments. The chiropractic technique that we practice involves a gentle force and very light touches along the spine, neck, and back.

I’m worried about the cracking

Fortunately, there is no cracking at this chiropractic office in Solana Beach. We believe that the smallest forces can create the greatest of changes in the body. Your body is smart. It has the resources available to begin healing. As holistic chiropractors, we are here to guide you through that journey.

How much do Solana Beach chiropractors cost?

Each care plan for a practice member at our chiropractic office varies. There is no one size fits all approach at Twin Waves Wellness Center. we believe that each practice member is extremely special, important, and unique. After reviewing your entire medical history, and getting caught up to speed with what’s currently going on, we design and customize a care plan completely based on your specific needs. If you are curious about the cost of a chiropractic visit, give us a call today.

What does recovery look like?

Recovery is vastly different per person. We are all on our own unique paths in life. Sometimes, people visit our Solana Beach chiropractic office because they have severe pain in their back or neck. Other people come into our office because they are experiencing heavy anxiety or depression. We have seen all ends of the spectrum, and welcome each individual as they are.

Our belief is that chiropractic care can help anyone recover from what they are dealing with. The body and mind are both very strong. However, if those two things are not working in conjunction with each other and are not connected, it’s likely that there will be other disconnects in the body.

Emotions also come into play a lot with our specific chiropractic work. Many practice members have huge emotional releases while receiving care from us. Our goal is to uncover the root cause of whatever is causing you pain, whether that be emotional or physical. Sometimes, those things are not the easiest to face. We provide a safe space for all to express whatever they need to during the process of healing. Regardless of what type of pain you are dealing with, we welcome you into our office.

Receiving care from a Solana Beach chiropractor can help you along your journey to healing.

Is Chiropractic Care Only For Back Pain?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

People visit chiropractors in Solana Beach for various reasons. Of course, lower back pain is one of the most common ones. Now, more than ever, people are working at home and sitting for long periods of time. This is contributing to the number of people dealing with lower back pain. With many of us struggling with this pain, what are some other reasons that people seek out chiropractic care in Solana Beach?

Chiropractors Can Help With Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors can help with much more than just back pain. For example, chiropractors work with extremities and joints To help people heal and recover from injuries.

Shoulders are a common area where people suffer from tweaks, pulls, and other injuries. If our shoulder is in pain, it’s difficult to use our arms and have the ability to move things throughout the day. Solana Beach chiropractors can help you recover from shoulder pain through gentle touch adjustments. Upper back and neck pain, which can contribute to shoulder injuries, can happen from car accidents. If you need to see a chiropractor after a car accident, give us a call today!

Shoulder injuries are also one of the most common injuries that people brush under the rug when they initially happen. Be as proactive as you can with your health. if you are suffering from a shoulder injury, or are dealing with chronic pain, consider visiting a Solana Beach chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Similar to the shoulder, if we are experiencing severe knee pain, it is challenging to do many things throughout the day. Our legs keep us mobile. Additionally, if one leg is injured and the other one is not, you will likely favor one side over the other. This imbalance can lead to further injuries over time.

As holistic chiropractors, we help reenergize parts of your body that need it. The knee is a great example of a part of the body that takes a beating throughout our lives. Through our gentle force chiropractic adjustments, we can help you recover from knee pain that you’ve been dealing with for years. Our goal is to keep our patients healthy and limber so they can be as active as they please.


Sciatica plagues many people throughout our society. It is easy to justify sciatica as something minor that does not need to be treated. Some of us have stronger pain tolerances than others. However, it’s important to note that it’s not about that. Sciatica can be crippling to a degree.

By receiving consistent chiropractic care, you can relieve yourself of pain and squash sciatica. No matter how long term you think this injury will be, there is almost always a solution to helping you feel better and recover.

Visiting a Solana Beach Chiropractor When Pregnant

Being pregnant is not always the most comfortable feeling. As beautiful as pregnancy is, many days can be extremely challenging and push us to our limits. As female chiropractors in Solana Beach, we understand where you are coming from.

Our goal is to make our Wellness Center as comfortable as possible. Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant can help you relieve any lower or upper back pain that you are experiencing. The technique that we practice at our chiropractic office in Solana Beach is nonintrusive to the body because we use a gentle touch technique. You can fully trust that we will help you feel comfortable while receiving chiropractic care when pregnant.

Each care plan is specifically customized and designed for each individual that walks into our chiropractic office. We take everything into consideration about you, your situation, and your preferences.

Network spinal chiropractic is one of the best types of care to receive while pregnant because it also focuses largely on the emotional component of healing. Being pregnant is special in so many ways. We welcome you in as pregnant mothers in our Wellness Center and would be honored to be part Of your journey. If you are experiencing headaches, migraines, stomach aches, or back pain, visiting a Solana Beach chiropractor can help.

Chiropractors for Teenagers in Solana Beach

Twin Waves Wellness Team

At our chiropractic office in Solana Beach, we welcome people of all ages. Our goal is to provide the best path to healing based on your needs, regardless of your age. We currently see multiple teenagers in Solana Beach.

As holistic chiropractors, we work with the emotional components of trauma, in addition to physical injuries and ailments. Being a teenager is hard no matter what generation you come from. Especially coming out of a pandemic, being a teenager can be extremely difficult.

If you know someone, or have a family member that is struggling with anxiety or depression, we welcome them into our Wellness Center. Many of our practice members at Twin Waves Wellness Center have experienced amazing breakthroughs with their battles against anxiety. Depression and anxiety come in all different forms. Through holistic chiropractic care, we help our practice members to help them become aware of, acknowledge, and work through Stored emotional trauma.

Many people that visit us in Solana Beach have huge emotional breakthroughs. It is not uncommon for people to experience emotional release is right on the chiropractic table. We understand that this can feel vulnerable. And we have been there ourselves many, many times. Our goal as Solana Beach chiropractors is to provide the most comfortable and healing space for everyone.

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