4 Creative Ways to Calm Your Nervous System Down

Anxiety can feel emotionally jarring. It can lead us down a path of spiraling emotional thoughts that can seem impossible to break away from. Our nervous system is influenced by stress. When we become stressed, our nervous system can jump into fight-or-flight mode. Our bodies react as if we’re running from a fierce lion that is chasing us. But in reality, the only thing chasing us, are our thoughts. To break through these thought patterns that are causing our nervous system to spike, you must take action. Here are 4 creative ways to calm your nervous system down and experience relief from anxiety.

1. Somato Respiratory Integration

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Somato Respiratory Integration, also known as SRI, is a set of breathing exercises that we practice at Twin Waves Wellness Center. SRI consists of 12 different sets (or stages) of breathing exercises that focus on reconnecting parts of our bodies. Do you ever feel disconnected from parts of yourself? This feeling can cascade into anxious thoughts or emotions and eventually lead to a heightened nervous system.

SRI helps to calm down your nervous system through the various breathing patterns that are performed when doing it. These exercises channel the power of your breath. They tap into the natural rhythms of your body and soul. Certain stages involve saying things out loud to help break through emotional thoughts that are weighing you down. Click here to learn more about Somato Respiratory Integration that we offer at the wellness center.

2. Receive Network Chiropractic Care

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Network Spinal is a holistic chiropractic technique that involves zero cracking. That’s right. There is no popping or cracking of bones here at this chiropractic office. Instead, NSA focuses on the emotional component of healing. We believe that the mind and body are connected. You can experience huge emotional releases by receiving Network Chiropractic.

Have you ever felt stuck in certain aspects of life? Break through these mental barriers and optimize your life through this holistic form of healing. You don’t have to be experiencing neck or back pain to see a Network Chiropractor. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we provide gentle force adjustments for parts of your body that are energized. Your body is smart! It has the innate intelligence to heal on its own. We are simply here to help guide you there. Call us for more information about how Network Chiropractic works.

3. Practice Yoga

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Yoga is a grounding practice that you can implement into your weekly routine. There are several different types of yoga. Certain techniques are very physically demanding. Others are more spiritually focused. It’s important to find a yoga studio that is the best fit for your needs. If you are trying to navigate your heightened nervous system, practicing yoga is a great place to start. You can treat anxiety naturally through yoga. It is a great way to calm your entire system down. The combination of breathing exercises and physical stretches helps bridge the gap between your body and mind.

4. Journal & Drink Tea

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Expressing yourself is key to calming your system down. If you’re keeping thoughts and emotions bottled up, that’s typically where they’ll remain. Built-up emotions can fester and lead to a heightened nervous system down the road. Journaling is an easy way to let your thoughts flow. You can write down exactly how you’re feeling at that moment with no judgment. Let the notebook be your sounding board. If you can’t think of emotions or thoughts to write down, try journaling about things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful disruptor of anxiety and depression.

Why not throw tea into the mix?! While writing out your thoughts, you can sip on hot tea to help calm down your system. Life can feel stressful. To break through these stresses, hit on all of the senses. Taste and smell are great avenues to calming down your nervous system. Try sipping on Chamomile tea while journaling next time that you feel stressed. You’ll be amazed at how much emotional relief it can provide you.

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