4 Effective Ways That A Chiropractor Can Fix Your Posture

The odds are pretty good you remember your mother (or maybe your grandmother) constantly reminding you to stand up straight when you were younger. If you are like most people, you thought they were a little bit crazy to keep harping on something as insignificant as your posture. But I bet we are all singing a different tune now that we are older, aren’t we?

Proper posture is a huge part of maintaining good health and flexibility well into our twilight years. A lot of people, though, have horrific posture for a variety of different reasons and no real idea of how to remedy the problem going forward. Luckily, though, your local chiropractor can help!

In fact, there are at least 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture – all without you having to twist or contort yourself into a pretzel along the way. You may have wondered can a chiropractor fix my posture? It sounds too good to be true.

You’ll want to read the rest of this detailed guide as we run through each of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can improve your posture below.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Good Posture

Before we break down the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture, though, it’s important to highlight why proper posture is so important. After all, does standing a specific way really make that much of a difference on our health and wellness? You bet it does!

You see, when our posture is misaligned we shrink a lot faster, our spinal alignment gets all out of whack, our bones and joints shift out of place, and a lot more stress is crushing and compounding on our skeleton and our muscular structure. This dramatically increases the risk of back injury, causes us to deal with chronic pain and cramping, and even does a number on our ability to digest food effectively.

By using 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture you’re able to eliminate those problems completely, though. Best of all, some of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture will actually help you permanently improve your posture once and for all – cementing these benefits in place! Let’s dig a little deeper into the specific chiropractic remedies right now.

Improving Your Posture Through Chiropractor Visits

1.) Custom, Prescriptive Fix for Your Posture

Twin Waves Wellness Team

The first of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture we need to highlight is the ability for these professionals to properly diagnose and understand your posture problems in the first place.

It’s impossible to fix a problem you do not fully understand. And because most of us don’t have years of schooling or hands-on experience manipulating the body and diagnosing posture problems were not quite sure of why we feel the way we do – other than we know our posture is a problem.

Visiting a chiropractor for a detailed diagnostic can help you better understand how your body is aligned (misaligned, really) and what can be done about it. Chiropractors will run you through a variety of different examinations to get a better “lay of the land” so that they can be really prescriptive with their solutions moving forward.

2.) Targeted Entrainments to Alleviate Pressure

Twin Waves Wellness Team

The next of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture we want to touch on is the targeted entrainments they can make to alleviate pressure and realign your body. Remember that network spinal chiropractors give entrainments, not adjustments (you can learn more about those by clicking the link).

The spine is the “tree trunk” of the human body. When our spine is healthy and rock solid, pretty much every other aspect of our health is dialed in, too. If it becomes bent, crooked, and misaligned, things spiral out of control very quickly.

Chiropractors are trained to use targeted entrainments to not just alleviate pressure and realign spinal positions, but also to help encourage proper posture as well. A couple of quick realignment sessions can have your posture is better than brand-new condition, all without you having to handle a lot of the heavy lifting on your own.

3.) Smart Tissue Work to Cement Posture Fixes

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Most of us think of chiropractors tackling our bones and our joints, snapping and cracking us back into position. Fortunately, network chiropractors are different. They use gentle touches along the spine instead of large bop popping.

Well, one of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture is to use smart tissue solutions to correct and control misalignment problems going forward.

Whether this is through deep tissue massage, specific manipulation of your muscles and your joints, or other treatments is going to unfold on a case-by-case basis. Just know that your chiropractor knows how to use all of the tools in their toolbox to get you the pain relief (and posture improving) results you are looking for.

4.) Stretching Protocol to Maintain Posture and Eliminate Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

The last of the 4 effective ways that a chiropractor can fix your posture that we want to highlight is their ability to prescribe stretching protocols that maintain perfect posture, eliminate pain, and provide “permanent” results.

It’s important to remember that these chiropractic doctors are interested in helping you lead a happier and healthy life free of chiropractic treatments, but also understand that it’s going to take a little bit of effort on your behalf to cement these results in place – almost always through proper stretching.

Stretching helps you to retrain your body to hold a specific position, especially when your posture has been corrected. Right out of the gate, most stretching feels a little foreign and a little uncomfortable. It might even feel like we are doing something wrong, just because the way we were sitting or standing naturally felt “right”.

Remember, though, that our chiropractors are always prescribing these treatments to get us the best long-term results (hopefully with short-term relief, too). Run through the stretches that they recommend, implement them as prescribed, and watch as your posture improves (and stays improved) for years and years to come!

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