This is How a Chiropractor for Golfers in San Diego Can Improve Your Game

Golfing injuries are extremely frustrating. If you recently hurt your elbow or shoulder, you may be feverously Googling a chiropractor for golfers in San Diego. More specifically, one that can help you treat golfer’s elbow and get you back playing on the course.

Golfing in San Diego is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do in San Diego. The weather is beautiful. The grass is green (well, sometimes golden). And the golf courses are some of the best in California. If you’re battling a shoulder or elbow injury during the primetime of golf season, you likely need a solution FAST. Golfers have been utilizing chiropractic care as a way to stay healthy for many years. Do you think visiting a chiropractor is the right fit for you?

This is how a chiropractor for golfers in San Diego can help you maintain your health, improve your game, and keep you playing for years to come.

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Are Chiropractors Actually Good for Golfers?

Chiropractors have been assisting sports athletes, including golfers, forever. If you live in the heart of San Diego, you’re in luck. There are plenty of chiropractors for golfers to choose from. Chiropractic care is used for multiple reasons when it comes to golf…

1.) Maintain Health and Avoid Injury

Chiropractic care isn’t used for only reactive purposes. What do I mean by this?

You can visit a chiropractor in San Diego, or anywhere else in the county if you want to maintain good health. Receiving consistent chiropractic care comes with loads of health benefits. Golfers in San Diego, La Jolla, and Del Mar take advantage of these.

For example, getting adjusted by a chiropractor helps correct misalignments in your spine. Your posture will improve, and your spine will be loose. These health benefits help your body maintain its current strength and avoid injuries. Do you have friends that have experienced golfer’s elbow? It’s a frustrating golf injury to deal with and can get worse over time if not properly treated. Visit a sports chiropractor for golfers to help you maintain good health while golfing in San Diego County.

2.) Improve Your Golf Game

Twin Waves Wellness Team

“I’ve been going to the chiropractor for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.”Tiger Woods

The man himself said it! Tiger Woods visits a chiropractor for golfers religiously to treat his back pain. On top of maintaining your health, you can avoid injuries and improve your game through chiropractic care. After seeing a chiropractor for golfers, the inflammation in your body decreases from getting adjusted. This strengthens your golf swing.

Why Pro Golfers Use Chiropractors

Flexibility is another major reason that professional golfers use chiropractors. The more flexible your arms and back are, the better your swing gets. People that DON’T play golf assume that flexibility isn’t important. FALSE. Pro golfers need to maintain flexibility when swinging. If your body is slowing you down when playing golf, your swings won’t be as controlled. There may be shanks in your future if your body continues down that path.

3.) Playing Golf in San Diego Long-term

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be athletic for our entire lives? Oh wait… it is possible! However, it does require lots of work from the user’s end (aka you and your body).

Playing golf in San Diego is not something that you should give up. Whether you’re trying to treat golfer’s elbow, or shoulder pain, you can heal and maintain your health over time. Chiropractors for golfers specialize in joint pain. They work with different areas of your body, like your elbows, to keep them strong.

If you’re experiencing elbow pain from golfing, seeing a chiropractor in San Diego can help you experience relief. Chiropractic adjustments help to increase blood flow to areas of pain. You can treat your golfer’s elbow and continue playing the game that you love the most! Torrey Pines Golf Course is one of the best courses in California. Chiropractic care is one of the many tools that you should add to your arsenal of health and wellness. It will keep you playing golf for as long as you desire!

Treating Golfers Elbow

Figuring out that you even have golfer’s elbow is sometimes the hardest part. It’s so easy to brush off small pains and aches that we experience while playing golf. Especially when the pain starts off very minor, it’s hard to identify. You can treat golfer’s elbow through different types of at-home procedures. The treatment protocol, to start, is similar to other golf injuries you may have treated.

Ice Ice Baby

For the first 48 hours of an injury, ice is essential. That is the small window of time where inflammation is typically at its worst. By icing your elbow pain, you can reduce swelling and internal inflammation. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. It’s suggested that you revaluate your elbow pain before starting to golf again.

Heat It Up

After the first 48 hours of experiencing golfer’s elbow, apply warmth to the injured area. This is standard protocol for many joint injuries. Applying heat to your elbow pain can help loosen up the muscles around this around. It will slowly increase your range of flexibility. This is key to speeding up the healing process of golfer’s elbow.

Wear a Brace

It’s recommended that you consult a healthcare professional, like a chiropractor, before selecting the proper brace to wear on your elbow. Not all braces are made equal. You need to identify the severity of the elbow injury before selecting the brace that will best support the area. If you’re in extreme pain and need instant support, consider running into your local pharmacy to pick up a brace for elbow pain relief. You can consult with your chiropractor after that.

Different Types of Chiropractic in San Diego

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Now that you’ve conquered your golfer’s elbow, where do you start when choosing a chiropractor in San Diego. Many golfers in the area live in Del Mar and will travel throughout North County to find the best fit for them. First, start with identifying your immediate injuries and health goals. From there, you can begin searching for the best chiropractor for golfers in San Diego County.

Holistic Chiropractic Care

At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we practice a holistic chiropractic technique called Network Spinal. It is perfect for treating sports injuries, like golfer’s elbow. The adjustments are gentle and non-invasive. That means we do not pop or crack any bones. Instead, we work with injured areas of the body and help release stored tension through our adjustments.

Dealing with shoulder pain from a long golf outing? Holistic chiropractic care in San Diego will treat your pain and get you back on the golf course in no time. Find the best chiropractic office that fits your needs. Your golf game will thrive as you maintain your body’s strength and avoid future injuries.

Improving Your Golf Game in San Diego Through Chiropractic Care

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Golf is more physically demanding than non-golfers expect. When driving at your golf tee, your body must exert a huge, physical force to hit the ball far down the fairway. The stronger and more limber your body becomes, the further you can drive the golf ball.

Chiropractic care is an ideal component of improving your golf game in San Diego. When getting adjusted by a chiropractor for golfers, you allow your body to come into alignment. This is key when taking huge golf swings. Your entire back and spine twist fiercely as you drive the golf ball down the course. This action is what causes many golfing back injuries.

Improved flexibility through chiropractic care not only helps you avoid injury but is also improves your strength.

Finding a Chiropractor For Golfers in San Diego

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Give us a call if you are interested in leveling up your golf game. You can improve your swing, driving distance, and technique by keeping your body flexible and strong. Chiropractic helps golfers throughout California stay on top of their game to compete and perform at the top level. Not to mention, they can treat golfer’s elbow along the way.

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