Finding a Chiropractor for Hip Pain in Encinitas

It can be challenging to find a chiropractor that specializes in hip pain around and Encinitas, California. Typically, chiropractors focus on the neck and back regions of the body. Hip pain is an entirely different animal.

Our hips are some of the largest bones in our body. They are the foundation for our balance and coordination. If your hip becomes injured, that can completely throw off how you feel when walking. Hip pain doesn’t only happen 2 older adults. Young adults who work from home consistently can suffer from hip aches and pains caused by long periods of sitting. Sounds terrible, right? Thankfully, chiropractic care is a great solution.

Here we will review how to find a chiropractor in Encinitas for hip pain.

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Which Chiropractor is the Best Fit for Hip Pain?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

There are different types of chiropractors in the world. Not all are made equal. Chiropractors in Encinitas practice different techniques depending on their style. Certain chiropractic techniques involve large physical forces when providing adjustments. Others require a strap that pulls your head back and cracks your neck.

At our chiropractic office, we practice network spinal analysis. This is a holistic chiropractic technique that involves no cracking. How beneficial can a chiropractor be without neck adjustments?

Check out this video showing how a light adjustment can create a great amount of change in the body:

Once you identify the type of chiropractic care you would like to receive, you must next find an office that is a good fit for you. Each chiropractic office and Wellness Center comes with different vibes and atmospheres. You want the coolest one, right? There’s no question that Encinitas is a hip city. Fortunately for us, that makes the businesses automatically kind of cool too.

Do your due diligence when reviewing which chiropractor in Encinitas to see for hip pain. You can check out the reviews online. There are two sides to each story. If you see a negative review, look for a response from the owners of the company. That can give you a good insight into how valid that review is, or if it was a simple misunderstanding. You can also look to see if the chiropractic office is on the Better Business Bureau.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Hips

When getting your hips adjusted by a chiropractor, it is common to feel large shifts of energy throughout this area. Think about it! The hip is a central part of how we move our bodies. It is the bridge between our torsos and legs. without a properly functioning hip, walking and moving overall becomes difficult.

Hip pain is tough to fix because we need to use our hips every day. Chiropractic adjustments carry multiple benefits that can help relieve hip pain.

Chiropractic Care Relieves Hip Pain

1. Decrease Inflammation around the Hip

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Inflammation is a major contributor to hip pain. Since the hip joint is so large, inflammation can happen around the area. Have you ever fallen on your hip and bruised it? This injury can take a while to heal.

Chiropractic care can help relieve pain around the hip by decreasing inflammation. Bruising is typically followed by inflammation. It is all a part of the body’s healing process. Unfortunately, since our hip joints need to be mobile when moving, any amount of inflammation can be debilitating. You can receive a hip adjustment from an Encinitas chiropractor, which will loosen up the tension in this area.

For people experiencing chronic hip pain, the underlying issue may require more than chiropractic care. First, consult with a healthcare professional, like a chiropractor, to identify the issue and come up with a solution. Chronic hip pain does not need to be the story that you live every day!

2. Increase Joint Flexibility

Hips are extremely vulnerable to tightness and stiffness over time. As we age, our joints naturally become less flexible. Not everyone plans to take yoga classes until they’re 80 years old (wouldn’t that be nice) and stay limber forever. Older adults need to keep their bodies moving and implement wellness practices into their lives to stay fit. Prioritize health doesn’t happen enough as we get older!

Thankfully, we have chiropractic adjustments to help us out! Seeing a chiropractor for hip pain can save you weeks – if not months – of time in pain/suffering. Flexibility is key to keeping the body healthy and active. Our hips bridge the gap between the top and bottom of our bodies. If we keep this area mobile throughout old age, we can reduce hip pain. Increasing your flexibility is also a preventative measure – meaning you are less likely to get injured.

3. Hip Pain Relief

Twin Waves Wellness Team

If you’re experiencing pain at this very moment, do something about it. Small/minor injuries can compound over time. Pain is a signal from your body to your brain that something is wrong. Take advantage of the information (your hip pain) and seek professional help from a doctor.

Encinitas chiropractors have worked with many people suffering from hip pain. Receiving a hip adjustment could be the perfect solution to your pain. It is a myth that chiropractors can only adjust the neck and back. An experienced chiropractor can essentially adjust any part of the body. That doesn’t mean there needs to be a huge pop or crack of bones. To put it simply, a chiropractic adjustment can loosen areas up that have stored tension causing pain.

Adding Chiropractic Care to Your Wellness Routine

Seeing a chiropractor in Encinitas can completely change your life. You don’t need to be in pain to go get an adjustment. People seek out chiropractic care to further optimize their health and life. Imagine feeling great, instead of ‘just good’, every day? It is possible! Adding different practices to your wellness routine can help you get the most out of life.

If you are curious about working with a chiropractor for hip pain in Encinitas, give us a call today. We welcome you in. Our goal is to provide a safe and healing environment for all people of San Diego County.

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