8 Astonishing Benefits a Teenager Experiences Visiting a Chiropractor

Being a teenager in 2021 is not a walk in the park. Many teens today, unfortunately, suffer from depression and anxiety throughout their daily lives. Others are dealing with chronic migraines, neck pain, and back pain. If one of your kids is dealing with these symptoms, they can find relief when visiting a chiropractor for teenagers.

Today, we will outline 8 astonishing benefits of chiropractor care for teens.

1. Reduced Anxiety and Depression

If your teenager is suffering from anxiety and depression due to all the stresses that adolescence and high school can bring, chiropractic care can help alleviate these conditions without the need for medication. Visits to a chiropractor for teenagers can help relieve muscle tension, which may be causing headaches that feed into anxiety and depression.

In addition, visits to the chiropractor can improve sleep quality so that your teenager is well rested and less stressed. These two go hand in hand when it comes to tackling a day full of potential triggers for depression and anxiety.

Chiropractic care can also release much-needed hormones such as cortisol, oxytocin, and neurotensin into the body to naturally combat those chemical stressors that can lead to depression and anxiety.

2. Improved Sleep

We all need an adequate amount and good quality of sleep, but it’s especially important for your teenager. They are undergoing a lot of changes physically, mentally, and socially. Sleep helps our bodies recover from the stresses of the day in order to tackle whatever the following day brings.

Chiropractic care can help improve your teenager’s quality of sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing pain and inflammation from the day’s trials which may be affecting your teenager’s current sleeping ability. This will encourage the body to heal faster from the toll it takes during the day so your teenager is more suited to facing new challenges upon waking.

3. Reduced Inflammation

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Inflammation is caused by a number of stressors encountered throughout the day, from the foods that we eat to physical activities in which we participate. Your teenager is most likely consuming lots of calories to keep up with their continuous growing – and not all of those snacks are particularly healthy. In addition, they participate in sports, extracurricular activities, and are constantly pushing their body’s physical limits.

All of these scenarios promote inflammation which stiffens the joints, misaligns the spine, and can cause pain. The goal of chiropractic care is to ensure spinal alignment so that nerve pathways are free of inflammation and ease of movement and pain are restored to the entire body.

4. Migraine Relief

Unfortunately, migraines are not uncommon among teenagers due to the abundance of stressors they face from day today. A chiropractor for teens can help provide migraine relief in a number of ways.

Chiropractic care reduces the muscle tension that triggers migraines and strengthens the supportive muscles of the spine, restores unobstructed blood flow to and through the brain, and promotes open nervous system communication from the body to the brain allowing for maximum healing of neuro stress.

5. Alleviated Back Pain

We often forget that back pain isn’t just a common side effect of getting older – teenagers experience back pain for a number of reasons, some of which include sports training and injuries, carrying too much weight in their backpacks, and growth spurts. A chiropractor oftentimes can help alleviate your teenager’s lower back pain and get them back to being fully functional.

Back pain is often caused by inflammation from a misaligned spine. Chiropractors believe that spinal maintenance can support the vertebrae and nerves in the body, ensuring that they are in proper placement. Through this type of care, your teenager can find relief from his or her back pain that plagues him or her on a daily basis.

6. Increased Energy

Is your teenager sluggish and non-responsive when you expect him or her to perform everyday tasks? The problem could be due to a lack of energy that can come from a number of sources including not enough or inadequate quality sleep, inflammation, or just plain energy blockage.

Chiropractic care can help increase your teenager’s energy by ensuring proper spinal alignment that encourages unencumbered energy flow throughout the body. When your spine is misaligned, energy becomes blocked because pathways in the nervous system are not clear. With chiropractic care, those nervous systems pathways are free to transport energy throughout the body, improving the ability to carry out the physical demands of life.

7. Improved Posture

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Overloaded backpacks and constant neck strain from scrolling on the smartphone are heavy-hitting culprits affecting your teenager’s posture. With spinal misalignment and cervical vertebrae that curve unnaturally, your teenager’s posture is not at all optimal and can affect healthy growth during such an important period of their lives.

Regularly seeing a chiropractor for teenagers can ensure proper alignment from the upper neck through the back all the way down to the sacrum. With full spinal maintenance, the damage done by the day-to-day activities of your teenager’s academic and digital life can be minimized so that they can grow to their full potential.

8. Promote Healthy Growth and Development

The adolescent years are a pinnacle time for growth and development into adulthood and so many stressors can work to impede the optimal conditions for the best possible scenario. There’s a reason why the nervous system is labeled as “central” because it is the life force from which everything emanates.

Through chiropractic care, your teenager’s body can access its full potential for healthy growth and development by tackling the stresses of life, growth spurts, and physical and chemical changes in the body with a nervous system that allows maximum communication to the rest of the body. Spinal alignment is key to providing optimal growth and a healthy pathway to adulthood.

How to Find the Best Chiropractor for Your Teenager

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor for your teenager can help on so many levels including physically, mentally, and chemically. It can reduce the need for depression and migraine medication and improve school and sports performance. Overall, your teenager can maintain a healthy life while facing the most challenging obstacles and giving them the best chance to become all that they can be.

Check the online reviews of a chiropractor to make sure that they are the best possible fit for your teenager and their needs.

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