How Does a Chiropractor without Neck Adjustments Work?

Chiropractors work in many different ways when providing care to patients. For example, there are over 50 different techniques and methods of chiropractic. That’s a lot, right? Much more than people think at first.

Since professional chiropractic care comes in so many different packages, the question that many people ask is this…

Is a neck adjustment, or bone-cracking, required when visiting a chiropractor? The short answer is NO. Certain chiropractic techniques only service people through adjustments, while others use more gentle touches along the spine to help people heal. Today, we will review what visiting a chiropractor without neck adjustments is like and how it can help you.

Do Chiropractors have to Adjust your Neck?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Chiropractors do not have to adjust your neck to help you heal. There are multiple chiropractic methods that do not involve any bone popping or cracking of the neck. Holistic chiropractors believe that the body has resources within itself to heal.

Do Chiropractors just Pop your Joints?

Chiropractors do much more than simply popping joints. For example, a chiropractor can help you stretch your limbs and shift energy within your body.

Holistic chiropractors work with energetic fields within and around your body. Specifically, network spinal analysis is a gentle force chiropractic technique that focuses on stored tension within your body. It works with areas throughout your neck and back that are not resourced.

These chiropractors use gentle touches along the spinal cord to help you unwind stored tension. Are you suffering from lower back pain or a stiff neck? There is a good chance that this area has stored tension around or near. By receiving care from a holistic chiropractor, your body can work through this stored tension and relieve yourself from pain.

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How Can a Chiropractor Adjust without Cracking?

Network chiropractors provide practice members with what is known as an entrainment. The word adjustment can also be used for this service. They work interchangeably.

These gentle force adjustments do not involve any cracking. Instead, they tap into areas along your spinal cord, neck, and back that have strong amounts of energy. They leverage these areas to help the other parts of your body that need support.

Emotional component

Twin Waves Wellness Team

There is an emotional component to this type of chiropractic care. The same goes for some chiropractors that give manual, cracking adjustments.

People can experience an emotional release after a chiropractic session. This is especially the case when receiving network spinal analysis. These holistic chiropractors help guide you through parts of life that can be challenging. Past emotional traumas can sometimes reappear when receiving this type of chiropractic care. It is not always easy, but network chiropractors provide a safe and healing space for all.

Some may be surprised that so much can happen from a gentle touch. As holistic chiropractors, we believe that the smallest force can create the greatest amount of change. there is so much more to this life than simply the physical world. Energy is real and emotions are valid. We work with both aspects when providing adjustments to help people along their healing journeys.

How to Know if Your Neck Needs an Adjustment?

If you are in pain, there’s no question that you need some type of medical attention. Whether it is a small tweak, or a chronic neck injury, an adjustment can relieve you of pain. Receiving advice from a chiropractor on what type of care to get is the first step.

The neck and spine can be tricky parts of the body. A small injury can be much more serious than some realize. It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion on an injury.

Especially with the number of people suffering from text neck, this area in our body is becoming more and more vulnerable. Receiving a gentle force adjustment from holistic chiropractors can help relieve you of any pain you’re experiencing.

Life is so short. It’s not worth being in pain every day when there can be a different way to go about it. Invest in your health and wellness by seeing a chiropractor when you think you need to.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Necessary?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Many people visit our chiropractic office and receive adjustments (entrainments) when they are pain-free. You don’t have to be injured or in pain to receive a chiropractic adjustment. By starting chiropractic care when you already feel good you can optimize your life in many ways.

Chiropractic care is like going to the gym. One single adjustment might not Get you to exactly where you want to be. It takes time and consistency.

People receive chiropractic adjustments all the time. Going to the chiropractor is a form of Wellness. An adjustment can not only work with things that need physical support, but also emotional support in your life.

Why do some chiropractors not crack your back?

A network chiropractor typically does not crack your back. Instead, they use gentle forces along your spine and neck to release bound-up tension. Holistic chiropractors help people loosen up muscles through a light touch technique instead of cracking bones in the neck and back.

Holistic Healing & Wellness

Healing can happen in a chiropractic office without cracking or popping bones. A physical adjustment is great, but not always necessary to help you heal.

Wellness starts from within. Chiropractors that do not give physical adjustments work with different energy fields within you and around you. Everything is energy.

Receiving a chiropractic adjustment that is gentle touch can do wonders for your body and emotional well-being. As a defense mechanism, many of us store bury different traumas and anxious thoughts because they are difficult to deal with. That totally makes sense, right? We need to protect ourselves and survive, so if there is something that can harm us, it is sometimes easier to Not deal with it at that time.

Our goal as holistic Wellness practitioners is to help you heal in any way that you need. This can be on a physical level or an emotional level. The journey to healing does not happen overnight, and we are here to support you along the way. Give us a call if you are curious about working with a chiropractor without neck adjustments. We provide gentle touch entrainments, also known as adjustments, to help you heal from injury, confront emotional trauma, and optimize your life.

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