5 Common Ways That People Injure Their Lower Back

Lower back injuries commonly happen while performing a variety of physical activities. According to the University of Michigan Health Department, back pain can occur when you strain infrequently used back muscles. Rigorous activities can cause you to strain lower back muscles and put you out of commission. Depending on the type of work you do and your lifestyle, lower back pain can prevent you from working and enjoying life.

Today, we will discuss five common ways that people injure their lower back and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Posture

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Poor posture is a huge contributor to people injuring their lower backs. Examples of poor posture include slouching, leaning, or favoring one side of the body over the other. Each of these can cause lower back pain throughout your day.

Standing on your feet for a long time with slumped shoulders is painful. It can cause lasting effects on your spinal alignment, which is why you can physically feel the pain in your lower back.

You can avoid postural injuries by paying attention to how you walk, sit, and do things throughout your day. When standing, angle your pelvis in a neutral position and take time off your feet when possible. Sit directly on your sitz bones with your knees at a ninety-degree angle to the ground. Maintain a straight back and keep your shoulders back. Keeping good posture ensures that you will not have back pain throughout your day. Using a sacroiliac support belt can drastically improve your posture.

2. Lifting Heavy Objects

Another way that lower back injuries occur is when people lift objects from the floor incorrectly. Whether this means bending and lifting or lifting too quickly, lifting heavy objects can lead to lower back strain and extreme muscle cramping. You can pinch your lower disks by putting extreme tension on your lower back from this motion.

Before lifting any objects, prepare yourself in a squatting stance. Always ask for help if you cannot carry something alone. Overburdening yourself and falling is an easy way to succumb to a major heavy-lifting back injury.

Heavy-lifting injuries are often painful and take a few days to feel better. If it persists past one or two days or is a common occurrence each time you lift something, you should seek chiropractic care.

Visiting the chiropractor is the best solution to fixing a back injury caused by heavy lifting. Chiropractic services can identify the exact problem and help you work the problem out. If this is a recurring problem, they might identify an ongoing problem.

3. Sleeping Positions

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Your sleeping positions have a major influence on the health of your back. Have you ever woken up in intense pain after a bad night’s sleep? It could be from your sleeping position.

Consider investing in a pillow approved by your healthcare professional. Find a way to sleep with it that suits your body. Side sleepers should place a pillow between your legs. Keeping a pillow between your legs as you sleep maintains a neutral pelvis, which prevents the twisting of your spine.

4. Repetitive Motions

Repetitive motions can cause lower back injuries when you do not stretch before doing them. According to Spine-Health, this may happen because of sports, daily activity, or any other physical activity causing strain that gradually worsens over time. There are endless activities that can cause lower back injuries because of repetitive motions.

To avoid a repetitive motion back injury, stretch each day. Always stretch before participating in any physical activity, especially sports. Even when the physical activity does not seem vigorous, take a moment to touch your toes and stretch other parts of your body that may feel stiff.

It is also advised only to participate in activities when you are truly ready for them. That means that you should be wearing the right clothes before doing something, be in the right environment, and consider all factors.

5. Weight Gain

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Excessive weight gain can cause lower back pain. Weight gain is especially noticeable when standing on your feet or performing a rigorous activity like gardening. The tension on your body that gravity creates from the excess weight can be excruciating to the lower back.

In addition to the tension that weight gain adds to your body, it can also lead to a sedimentary lifestyle. Over time, this can create extreme tension and chronic pain.

One way to treat lower back pain is by keeping a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and refrain from gaining excess weight. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with a serving of each of your daily food groups, including fresh fruits and vegetables at most meals.

Solving Back Problems With Chiropractic Care

There are many solutions to common lower back injuries. Overall, the best way to solve these injuries is by keeping a healthy lifestyle and preventing them before they happen. Eat healthily, maintain good posture, and lift things smart. Consult with your local chiropractor to help you recover from back injuries and maintain your health long-term. Persistent back problems or long-lasting pain is debilitating for those who endure it. Read this resource to learn how a chiropractor can be a great option for people interested in finding a solution for their lower back pain.

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