Connect your BodyMind! Embodiment and Chiropractic

Your body is like an instrument – it’s meant to be played! So often our society emphasizes the mental part only. From the beginning, as children, we are taught to use our thinking brains to solve problems. We are bombarded with equations and mental thought processes. The never-ending mental chatter continues with constant media, phone time, and consumerism. This only adds to that replaying loop of anxiety, self-doubt, and negative self-talk. All of that thinking gets exhausting! Get out of your head, and give your mind a rest. Imagine a world where we gave our bodies as much attention as our minds! 

Connecting your Bodymind through Network Spinal

Embodiment is the name of the game. Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle force chiropractic technique, allows you to connect your bodymind organically, holistically, and effortlessly.  Have you ever noticed when you use your body, things get easier? The mental chatter fades away, creative processes effortlessly emerge, and all of a sudden, you have the clarity and energy to take on the world! Whether it’s running along the beach, getting a workout in at your local gym, dancing the night away in a class or at a music show, or participating in your favorite outdoor activity, USE your body and notice what changes. Your body becomes entrained to its natural rhythms.

When you align your body, mind, and spirit, you become fully tuned. THIS is why at Twin Waves Wellness Center in San Diego, we provide spinal entrainments (or chiropractic “adjustments”). Like plucking a specific part of a guitar string to get that sweet-sounding tone, entrainments help contact those specific parts of the body that enable your entire being to heal and thrive. By unwinding tension in your spine, entrainments allow the most authentic and beautiful key to be played. All of those parts, systems, and areas of your body-mind synchronize and match in a vibrational tone. Isn’t it enlivening when all of your body and mind communicate with full clarity? You begin to notice that health and well-being become easy; they become the norm! You’re able to increase your energy and vitality in all areas of your life. And just like playing ALL strings of a guitar, when all aspects of your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – are played, you become aligned in perfect vibrational harmony. So welcome on that new, embodied “you”, as you entrain to the most natural and authentic rhythms of your body and life!

Contact Twin Waves Wellness Center, your holistic chiropractic office in North County San Diego, to align those rhythms of your body, today! Twin Network Spinal chiropractors, Dr. Suzanna Wong DC and Dr. Kira Wong DC, are excited to embark on this healing journey with you. Whether you’re dealing with muscular tension, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, digestive issues, or more, Twin Waves Wellness Center looks forward to helping you get the changes you’re looking for in your body and life!

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