Crystals Used in Energy Healing Techniques

You might have heard of crystal healing, but that is not the only energy healing technique that uses the properties of gemstones. There are many other practices that aim to restore the body’s energy flow in which crystals can be incorporated. And that’s not surprising.

Everything in life is vibration and constant sifting energy. And so are crystals that took millions of years on Earth to form. They have their specific vibrations and energies that interact, heal and align our own energy fields. It’s only natural we would incorporate them into energy healing techniques.

So let’s see which crystals are commonly used in various energy healing practices and what their benefits are.

Crystals used for Reiki

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Crystals can enhance a Reiki session with their energies that balance and are said to speed up the healing process. The Reiki practitioner can place crystals on various body parts to increase efficiency in balancing the client’s energy system.

Some excellent crystals that are commonly used for Reiki are:

Clear quartz – is used to balance the whole auric field of the person. Clear quartz is also said to amplify and transmit the Reiki energy due to its clear and crystalline structure. It is a gentle purifying crystal that absorbs and regulates energy.

Aquamarine – this crystal calms the body, the mind, and the spirit during a Reiki session. Aquamarine is a great stone to use in Reiki for those who struggle with great responsibility, have troubles expressing themselves, or want to communicate clearly. It stimulates and balances the Throat and Crown chakra, enhancing all types of communication and bringing a sense of centeredness.

Rose quartz – is commonly used in Reiki for its ability to balance the Heart chakra. Rose quartz is well known as the stone of pure unconditional love. In Reiki therapy, rose quartz can help with clearing the blockages of the Hearth chakra and opening one’s heart, leaving the person ready to heal and receive love.

Crystals used for Pranic healing

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Prana is the life force of our bodies, and it is used in Pranic healing to balance and restore the body’s energy flow. The developer of this technique, Master Choa Kok Sui, claims that the body can heal by using the energy that the earth provides us with through its natural resources.

Crystals can be used for this energy healing technique to absorb, store, project, and focus Pranic energy. And like it’s the case with Reiki, crystals can be used in Pranic healing to activate chakras in the body.

The following crystals can be used in Pranic healing after they were programmed for a specific purpose and chakra:

Amethyst – is a crystal known for its deeply calming effects and energy that relieves the tension in the mind and body. It can balance the energy flow to and from the Crown chakra and amplify the energy in Pranic healing.

Celestite – is a gemstone that can help balance the Heart, Crown, and Third eye chakra. It carries soothing energies that support a feeling of safety and calmness and is great for letting go of fears and worries.

Crystals to use with Somato Respiratory Integration

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While Somato Respiratory Integration isn’t an energy healing technique that commonly uses the power of the crystals, it can subtly incorporate gemstones into the environment where it’s performed.

The aim of Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is to use a set of breathing exercises to help the person connect with the body’s natural energy and release stored trauma. This means crystals with grounding energies and those that promote a good connection with your whole being can be placed in proximity during SRI.

Have a small stone or a crystal tower made of the following crystals to support your SRI session:

Hematite – is a powerful grounding gemstone that is often used to help connect with one’s body. Hematite is also a protective crystal, and it can bring clarity of mind and focus.

Obsidian – this is another powerful crystal, just like hematite. I can help people return to their stable foundation and align their minds, bodies, and spirits. Obsidian will help any suppressed negative energy surface and will give you the strength to face it.

Red Jasper – this crystal will help you return to yourself and make you feel connected to Mother Earth. Besides balance and stability, red jasper brings in courage, determination, and stamina. It has profound nurturing energy which can be great for various healing practices.

Crystals for Tarot Card Readings

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While some may argue tarot reading can not be classified as an energy healing technique, this practice involves both energy work and healing. One can get to know their body, mind, and soul better with the help of tarot reading. 

The tarot reader can help you gain relevant insight into your life which can lead to resolving energy blockages or issues. That is why some practitioners use a certain crystal’s energy for clearer tarot readings and energy guidance.

Some of the best crystals and gemstones to use for tarot card reading are:

Angelite – is a crystal often used for tarot readings as it invites angelic guidance to support the interpret practitioner with wisdom, calmness, and clarity.

Selenite – will ensure a successful tarot reading by clearing and protecting the space from any stagnant energy or excess energy that may interfere with the interpretation of the cards. Selenite is also great for cleansing other gemstones used in tarot readings.

Labradorite – is a suitable crystal for tarot as it enhances and activates intuition. It is also a gemstone that will come to your help when you feel unsure of what questions to ask.

Citrine – this crystal allows you to combine your intuition with logical thinking while doing a tarot reading. It enhances the self-confidence of the tarot reader and helps with embracing courage.

Crystals commonly used in Crystal Healing

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Lastly, let’s talk about the crystals that crystal healers often use in their practice. You might know crystal healing is practically using the stones’ energy to balance and regulate people’s bioenergetic systems.

And simply having a crystal in your home or wearing it close to your body can interact and benefit your energy field. So the following crystals can be used for crystal healing sessions as well as for decorating your environment and wearing them as bracelets, pendants, or simply in a pocket.

Jade – this crystal was used as a healing tool for centuries. Many crystal healers use it to purify the body and guide the person towards renewal and compassion. Jade is also known for its energy that attracts good luck and prosperity and can be used as a protective charm.

Moonstone – is used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is believed to help balance emotions, PMS symptoms, and hormones and stimulate fertility. Moonstone can help you accept change more easily and embrace new beginnings in the healing process and life.

Tiger’s Eye – is a great healing stone for those who need to build some confidence and inner strength. Tiger’s Eye crystal carries energy that encourages self-trust and assurance while protecting your energy field.


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