Does a Health Savings Account Cover Chiropractic Care?

As companies begin to offer better health benefits to their employees, health savings accounts (HSA) are becoming more widely accepted by different healthcare professionals. Can you visit your local chiropractor and pay through your health savings account? Sounds nice, right?

Thankfully, employers are realizing the importance of health and wellness. Offering versatile health savings accounts to their employees encourages them to maintain their health. In a world where there is SO MUCH noise about how to stay healthy, having options is good. We like options! Chiropractic care can relieve you from pain you are currently experiencing and keep your body healthier moving forward. Sounds like your HSA and chiropractic visits could be the perfect match.

Now, we much answer the following question…

Does a health savings account cover chiropractic care? Let’s find out how flexible an HSA really is.

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What is a Health Savings Account?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

A health savings account is an incentive/benefit offered from an employer to its employees. Not all HSA’s are 100% identical. Some health savings accounts allow you to spend limitless amounts of your own untaxed income on any type of wellness practice. Others aren’t that great.

A wellness practice is defined as anything that contributes to and promotes good health. Since employers care about their employees – or at least that’s what we’re told – this health incentive helps people take better care of themselves.

Find out the details of your HSA

How can you find out the details of your health savings account? Reach out to your Human Resources Department in your company ASAP! They should be able to give you the specific details – including amounts, percentages, limits, and timeframes – regarding your HSA. They can provide you with a list of different health and wellness practices that your HSA accepts.

Things that a Health Savings Account Can Cover:

  • Gym
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical Exams

But, since you are here, let’s get your question answered. Does a health savings account cover chiropractic care?

Using a Health Savings Account for Chiropractic Care

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Yes! Most health savings accounts cover visits to the chiropractor. “Celebrate good times, common!”

Of course, verify the fine details with your Human Resources (HR) Department. At our chiropractic office, we service multiple people utilizing their HSA’s. They can use their accounts to pay for their visits. In our experience, we’ve seen HSA’s go as high as $10,000 for money that can be used through the account to pay for the chiropractor.

Now, the ball is in your court! What types of wellness practices are you interested in adding to your routine. Here are several questions that you can ask yourself when seeking clarity on what you want to do with your health savings account.

QUESTION 1: Am I in any type of pain currently?

QUESTION 2: How bad is the pain I am experiencing?

QUESTION 3: Is the pain from a recent injury or has it been ongoing?

QUESTION 4: What are my other health goals?

QUESTION 5: What more do I want out of life?

QUESTION 6: Can I feel even better in my own body, and how can I get there?

Benefits of Using Your HSA on Chiropractic Visits

Life is meant to be great! And you are meant to feel good every day. We mean this both physically and emotionally… but first, let’s focus on the physical part.

Pain Relief

Twin Waves Wellness Team

For starters, if you are experiencing pain at this very present moment while reading this, you should highly consider seeking some sort of healthcare service. Has your lower back been in pain since the year 2012? That is a decade (or more, depending on when you read this) of walking around feeling bad. THERE ARE OPTIONS FOR YOU TO HEAL AND FEEL GOOD!

Chronic pain can stem from many different events. The event can be instantaneous, like a car accident, and completely alter how your body functions. Injuries from auto accidents can be extremely severe. Visiting a healthcare professional, like a chiropractor, can help reduce chronic pain that seems to never go away.

Other chronic injuries can occur slowly over time. For example, walking around with poor posture or sleeping on a low-quality mattress can result in minor aches and pains. Over time, these small aches can compound into larger, full-blown injuries. Chiropractic care, which is covered by your health savings account, can give you pain relief from these types of injuries.

Breaking Patterns

By investing in your health, you can break both physical and emotional patterns. How does chiropractic care affect your emotional well-being? The emotional and physical are intertwined. Our nervous system – which is affected by our emotions – controls many physical functions, like our breath, digestion, heart rate, and muscle tension.

Many people become trapped in the stories that they tell themselves about their own bodies.

“My lower is in pain because that’s the way it’s always been. I can’t do anything about it because it’s in my genes. My dad had a bad back, and so did his dad.”­ – Many people out there

Chiropractic care can help you break through these old mental patterns that we get stuck in. First off, getting adjusted regularly by your chiropractor can make you feel much better. They can correct any misalignments, improve your posture, and make you feel great overall.

At our chiropractic office, we practice a holistic approach to healing. This means that we focus on the root cause of what is causing you pain. For the example of ‘lower back pain being my story that I am stuck in forever’, we help you identify why this is. It can be a mix of physical and emotional components that contribute to this pain.

As humans, we oftentimes store tension in our bodies after experiencing traumatic events (physical or emotional). Many people store this tension in their pains. Physical pain can appear later on in these areas, originally influenced by an emotionally traumatic event. Holistic chiropractic care helps you break through these old thought patterns. Feel empowered after working through traumatic past events in your life and experience the feeling of being free from that anxiety and negativity.

Optimized Physical Performance

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Do you enjoy working out, playing sports, or taking yoga classes? By using your health savings account to cover chiropractic care, you can get more out of these physical hobbies.

You don’t need to be in serious pain to visit your chiropractor. Many people come into our chiropractic office feeling great, but wanted to feel even better! Optimize how your body functions through receiving consistent chiropractic adjustments. This type of health/wellness practice has been scientifically proven to help with the following items that influence your physical performance:

  • Joint flexibility
  • Decreased muscle inflammation
  • Increased blood flow throughout the body
  • Corrected misalignments of joints and bones

By improving these functions in our bodies, we can enhance our physical performance after visiting a chiropractor. Do you want to improve your golf swing or get a deeper stretch during yoga? Consider using your health savings account to pay for chiropractic visits.

Pay for the Chiropractor With Your Health Savings Account

You don’t have to walk around throughout life pain. And if you are already feeling good, why not feel great?

Chiropractic care is an investment in you and your health. The beautiful thing about using your health savings account is that you can pay for this wellness practice. If you know people that are still asking the question, ‘does HSA cover the chiropractor?’, you can be the bearer of good news. It does, and much more!

Live life optimally and feel great in your body. Relieve yourself from any pain or injury that has been plaguing your enjoyment of life. Your health savings account covers chiropractic care. Take advantage of your HSA’s benefits and invest in your health.

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