Donny Epstein: Founder of Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Donald Epstein is the creator of Network Spinal, which is formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). Donny created Network Spinal to help people along their healing journeys.

Dr. Donal Epstein: Energy Healer

Donny is so much more than just an energy healer. He is a chiropractor, cutting-edge world leader, transformational speaker, and educator. Dr. Donal Epstein has also helped conduct many scientific research studies.

He has completely changed the world through his work. Network Spinal is a cutting-edge chiropractic technique that is rising in popularity and becoming more well known. NSA was featured on the Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. This type of holistic chiropractic has also changed names throughout the years, from Network Chiropractic, to Network Spinal Analysis, to currently Network Spinal.

If you have received care from Donny, seen him present, or simply heard of him, you probably have thought a few things. “Is this guy a wizard?” He uses his presence, skill, and deep awareness to tap into the different energies of the body and field around us. His work is extremely impactful, and can seem almost ‘wizard-like’.

Donny also drew upon many researched, scientific, and common health techniques and modalities to create Network Spinal, including Logan Basic, Upper Cervical, and Kundalini Yoga. In fact, Network Spinal Chiropractic is also heavily researched and backed by science. It’s the perfect blend of holistic healing and science.

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Network Spinal Entrainments or Adjustments

As you may know already, there is typically no cracking or bone-popping during a network spinal session.

What do they call an NSA session? Some call it adjustments, others call it entrainments. This is when the network chiropractor uses light touches along the spine to unwind and release stored tension.

Network Spinal care is a natural way to deal with anxiety and depression. It helps your nervous system rewire itself, helping you break old patterns that are not serving you.

Check out this example video of a network spinal entrainment:

If this is your first time seeing an entrainment, you may be thinking that this is crazy with a capital C. It can seem intense at first, no doubt about that.

Not everyone has intense, visual waves of energy that flow through them during a network spinal adjustment. It can vary per person. Also, if someone has been under NSA care for many years, their nervous system develops more spinal strategies and they become more attuned and receptive to the entrainment/ chiropractic session over time.

The Career of Donny Epstein

1.) Introduced Tony Robbins to Network Spinal

Tony Robbins was first exposed to network spinal analysis through Donny! Mr. Robbins even gives Donny a shoutout during one of his seminars, which you can see in the video.

After receiving network spinal care, Tony noted that he experienced huge changes, both emotionally and physically. Tony may be the tallest and strongest person ever entrained so far in history! And it shows how this gentle holistic chiropractic care can truly help anyone.

2.) The Gate

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Donny puts on and leads The Gate, which is a network spinal event that typically happens multiple times per year (depending on COVID-19). This event is AMAZING! You have a range of people that travel from all ends of the country to attend. There are arguably some of the most experienced network spinal chiropractors at this event. Many of them entrain hundreds of people at this event.

You don’t have to be experienced in network care to attend. There are many people who are first-timers. All are welcome. It’s a great introduction to NSA. Also, it’s fascinating to learn from so many experienced practitioners what network spinal is like.

3.) Network Spinal Teacher

Donny Epstein has taught many people about network spinal analysis. He is a true educator.

You can see him talking at The Gate. He has also led seminars, workshops, events, and spoken at chiropractic colleges. If you get the opportunity to learn from him, you will be blown away by his expertise, knowledge, and wisdom. Remember, he founded network spinal analysis and created the technique!

4.) Author of Wellness Books

You can find multiple books written by Donald Epstein. One of our favorites is The 12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness. Donny goes into SRI, which is comprised of different breathing exercises and practices. They are very transformative and can help people connect, heal, and thrive along their journey of wellbeing. awesome.

What’s next for Donny?

As you can tell, Donny Epstein has done it all. From writing books, to hosting events, to leading seminars, he continues to positively affect the community through his education and chiropractic skills.

The most important thing is that he has helped so many people heal. His high level of skill with Network Spinal has been shown to various types of people, many of whom felt extremely skeptical about Network Spinal Analysis.

If you are curious about Network Spinal, which was created by Donny Epstein, give us a call today or send us an email.

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