Experiencing an Emotional Release from Network Spinal Analysis

It is extremely common for someone that experiences network spinal analysis to have an emotional release. These types of releases can happen from many different techniques of chiropractic. However, a network spinal entrainment works with the emotional intelligences is within the body to help people heal.

This is completely different from the bone-cracking and shifting that you see through a traditional chiropractor. Network spinal analysis focuses on the root cause of pain whether that be physical or emotional. That is why releases of emotion happen all of the time while on the chiropractic table.

Do People Always Get Emotional from an Entrainment?

The short answer is no. Getting emotional is in no way a requirement or necessary component of an entrainment. when receiving network spinal care, you can still receive a variety of different benefits outside of emotional releases.

For example, many people visit a network chiropractor because of a physical injury. You can heal from that injury and recover through consistent network spinal care.

Other times, people visit a network chiropractor because they want to connect their mind and body more. this can come with an emotional release but not all the time.

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How Emotional Do People Usually Get?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

The levels of emotions that a person can experience when receiving network spinal analysis can range quite drastically.

Some people don’t experience much emotion at all. Or if they do, they don’t express it outwardly. Again, 4 this type of chiropractic care, there is no right or wrong. When people experience little to no emotional release from an entrainment, they can still experience benefits from this work.

A few quick examples of benefits from an emotional release include things like:

  • Being happier throughout the day
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Reduced levels of anxiety

Many practice members who have received network spinal care say that they experienced these benefits later on. It could be a few minutes after they’re in an entrainment. And it could also be a few hours or days after they received network spinal analysis care. There are countless factors that play into this. Of course, it starts with what that particular person is like and how they usually experience emotions in life. These can also change over time and throughout the day for people.

Emotional Benefits of Network Spinal Analysis


Do you ever randomly feel anxious throughout your day? When receiving network spinal analysis, you can expect to reduce the amount of anxiety that you experience.

Anxiety plagues much of our society in 2021. From small bouts of anxiety to larger episodes, it can be a challenge for anyone to deal with this type of emotion. An emotion is not always practical and not always rational. However, it is true to you because you are experiencing it.

By visiting a network chiropractor, you can relieve yourself of anxiety. While on the chiropractic table, you can unleash any type of feeling that your body needs to. Consistent network care can help come back anxious emotions within yourself. If you feel like you need an instant relief, hang in there. It is not a race it’s a marathon. However you can overcome anything you set your mind to.

2.) Depression

Going hand in hand with anxiety, depression is another huge negative emotion that affects our society. It can come out of thin air and completely derail someone’s life. Depressive episodes and emotions are very difficult to overcome by yourself.

There are countless testimonials from people who have received network spinal analysis that their depression has been relieved. Network spinal care works with the emotional intelligences of the body. That is one of its main components. It targets the root of your pain, and helps you acknowledge that. From there you are able to come up with strategies to be aware of, confront, and conquer that emotion.

3.) Confidence and Sense of Self

Many people who receive network spinal care experience a boost in self-confidence. Who doesn’t love to feel more proud to be themselves? It is a fantastic feeling and emotion.

NSA Helps people feel confident about who they are and their path in life. If you are experiencing any uncertainty about what you are doing in your life, network spinal chiropractic can help.

The emotional releases that people have can allow them to truly embrace their inner emotions. These are the ones that people usually hide. It is scary to be vulnerable and to be emotional. By visiting a network chiropractor and getting entrained in a safe space, you can allow your body and your soul to have an emotional release that can positively benefit your life.

Types of Emotional Releases that Network Spinal Care Fosters

Twin Waves Wellness Team


Have you left today? It is extremely common for people receiving network spinal analysis to laugh during a session.

This emotional release can come as quickly as a bolt of lightning. It may last for a few seconds or a few minutes. do you want to know what we find most interesting about this emotional release? laughter during an entrainment can be about nothing. That’s right. We oftentimes ask people who laugh while receiving network care what they laughed about. Many times, the response is I have no idea.


On the opposite end of laughter, there are tears. Network spinal analysis can foster emotional releases that lead to people crying. These tears can be both positive negative or somewhere in between.

Typically, the person who cries has just confronted something from their past, in their present, or in the future that has been worrying them. These emotional releases are some of the biggest that people experience while receiving network spinal analysis. They can be extremely groundbreaking for that person and help them through transitions in life.

At the end of the day, we are all emotional beings. As humans, we love to connect with others and spread love. By experiencing emotional releases through network spinal analysis, you can get more in touch with your soul and with others. Although it can be frightening at times, a release of emotions can help you get to that next step in life and say goodbye to the things that have been holding you back. Contact us today to learn more about how network spinal analysis works.

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