Energy Healing for Trauma and Stress

People are seeking new and creative energy healing practices for trauma and stress. Past traumas commonly affect us more than we think. Although many of us feel like we’ve ‘dealt with and overcome’ trauma in our lives, it can still creep back into our subconscious minds, influence our behaviors, and negatively affect our emotions. Depending on how you were raised, your parents may have told you to ‘tough it out’ because it’s not that bad. Wrong! Each emotion that you feel is valid. Dealing with and living with trauma is extremely challenging. How you should feel is not black or white. Truly healing from trauma doesn’t happen overnight – it can sometimes take a lifetime.

To deal with and overcome stress from the past, here is a comprehensive guide on how to use energy healing for trauma.

What is Trauma Energy?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Trauma energy is a potent, almost tangible, combination of emotions, memories, and stress that becomes stored in our physical bodies. It can reappear later in life, even long after you originally experienced a traumatic event. Examples of trauma energy showing up in the body can include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Neck tension
  • Skin rash
  • Digestive issues
  • Chronic headaches

Trauma energies commonly appear around or near the area where trauma was experienced (if the trauma was physical). Emotional trauma can also appear physically in the body through the examples above. How does this happen? If you subscribe to the concept that the mind and body are connected, you likely believe that your thoughts and emotions affect your physical body. Traumatic experiences affect our entire being, including our mind, soul, heart, and physical body.

Release Trauma through Energy Healing

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Dealing with trauma or stress is no easy task. There is no magic pill to make all the worries of the world disappear. Trying to release trauma through energy healing has become more mainstream over the past few years. For example, the Goop Lab on Netflix has featured a variety of energy healing practices that help people treat trauma. Humans are tired of dealing with trauma and feeling anxious. We’ve noticed a major shift in our society as people begin to prioritize wellness practices more to treat past traumas.

Treat Trauma through Network Spinal

Network Chiropractic, also known as Network Spinal or NSA, is a holistic energy healing practice used to help people treat trauma. NSA isn’t the traditional version of chiropractic that most expect. There are zero physical adjustments or cracking involved. Instead, this energy healing practice utilizes gentle touches along the spinal cord to help unwind tension in the body. Do you remember the examples of trauma energy we mentioned above that show up physically in the body? Network Chiropractic helps the body learn new strategies around how it stores, confronts, and ultimately deals with trauma.

Many people experience huge emotional releases after experiencing this energy healing practice. They confront thoughts, emotions, and partners that may have been buried away and locked up for years. Humans naturally implement an avoidance strategy when dealing with emotional trauma and stress. Simply put, it’s easy to deal with it later (or not at all). Over time, if you don’t deal with emotional trauma, it can become stored in the body and reappear later. Don’t let stress control your life!

Visit an Energy Healer for Trauma

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Fortunately, you can visit an energy healer for trauma. There are a plethora of energy healing practices and modalities that help people treat trauma. Imagine if you could release any lingering negative thoughts surrounding a traumatic event. It’s possible and YOU have the strength to do that! You can release stored trauma through energy healing practices such as Network Chiropractic.

Confronting emotional trauma and stress is intimidating. It can feel like an impossible mountain to climb, so why even try right? Wrong! There are tools and wellness practices out there that are here to provide you with the support you need to overcome trauma. If there are negative thoughts, emotions, or patterns that aren’t serving you, believe that you can change them. Major changes don’t need to happen right away. The journey of healing can take time.

Using energy healing for trauma is an effective and holistic way to confront things from the past. Additionally, energy healing practices can teach your body and mind impactful strategies to deal with future stresses. Unfortunately, life will continue giving us lemons regardless of how ‘woke’ we are. Consider adding to your repertoire of tools in your emotional toolbelt to help you handle life moving forward. Emotional trauma does not have to control you or become your story. Define your future and create your own reality because you have the strength to do so. Utilize energy healing for trauma and improve the quality of your life moving forward.

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