Energy Healing in San Diego: What is it Like

Everything in our world is made up of energy. Matter, love, and humans are all energy. Although countless people deal with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, many don’t turn to energy medicine as their first treatment. We automatically look for the ‘quick fix’. If there’s a magical pill, such as Advil, that provides instant pain relief, plenty of people select that option first. What if energy healing was more widely known? You don’t see constant commercials or ads for energy healers in San Diego, CA. Instead, we see large pharmaceutical companies with huge budgets that can afford to run commercials every 15 minutes.

Today, we uncover what energy healing is and where you can find it in San Diego.

What is Energy Healing?

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Energy healing (energy work) is a set of holistic modalities that work with the energetic fields to help people heal from physical and emotional pain. The foundation of energy healing is the connection between the mind and body. Energy healing taps into your field (measurable wavelengths of energy), and the energetic fields around you, to bring peace to your body and soul.

With the belief that everything is energy, that means everything is connected. Your emotional or mental state affects and influences your physical body. Energy healers work to clear negative auras in people’s lives. They work on the cellular level to help create huge changes in people’s energetic states. The way that you feel energetically can greatly influence how you experience life. People that feel bogged down by negativity, pain, and suffering are likely to have more bad days than others.

Storing Negative Energy & Emotional Trauma

Naturally, when humans go through physical or emotional trauma, we commonly – and unknowingly – store this negative energy in our physical bodies. Emotional trauma can show up instantly, like a stomachache or headache. It can also appear years down the road as chronic injuries. Do you know anyone that gets random aches and pains even though they are considered ‘healthy’? Not always, but there’s a chance that something negative has happened or is going on in their life.

Energy healing helps people overcome negative energy caused by past traumas. Humans – as a defense system – bury emotional trauma instead of confronting it. When you experience energy healing, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Professional energy healers in San Diego can help you break through these emotional barriers. Let the energy flow through you to vanquish any negative that has been holding you back! Every day in life is meant to feel extraordinary. Reaching that level of positive energy is possible! Energy healing can help you get there.

Types of Energy Healers in San Diego

Are you interested in finding an energy healer in San Diego? Fortunately, California has plenty of options. Known as a state that is progressive, connected, and spiritual, you can find a variety of energetic medicines here. San Diego County has various energy healing modalities that can help you optimize your life. You can rediscover the best version of yourself that you remember from childhood. They are in there! Dust them off, greet them with a smile, and remind them that the world is here to support them.

1. Holistic Chiropractic: Network Spinal

Are you surprised to see chiropractic as the first thing on a list of energy healers in San Diego CA? It’s true! Click here to learn more about Network Spinal (NSA), which is a holistic chiropractic technique. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, located in San Diego County, we practice this energy healing modality. There is no cracking or popping involved in this chiropractic technique. Instead, we bring a holistic and energetic approach to healing.

A Network Spinal Session consists of gentle touches along the spinal cord, back, and neck. When doing this, Network Chiropractors are looking for “gateways”. These are small clusters on the surface of your body where are energy is strong. Holistic chiropractors tap into these energetic gateways and leverage areas of your body that are resourced. They use this energy to help support and heal areas that are not resourced.

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Have you ever felt disconnected from your physical body? Network Spinal is a form of energy healing that bridges the gap between the mind and body. People can experience this energy healing to help treat physical pain, deal with emotional trauma, or simply get more out of life. As energy healers in San Diego County, we believe that everything is connected within you. During a Network Spinal entrainment, people can experience huge emotional releases. Past emotional traumas can reappear in your psyche that you haven’t thought about in years.

Energy healing practices like Network Spinal are a reminder that healing is not easy. You may never feel ‘complete’ after experiencing something emotionally devasting. As energy healers in San Diego, we provide a safe space for all to come and heal. You are supported. Call Twin Waves Wellness Center today to learn more about the energy healing modality of Network Spinal Analysis.

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2. Reiki

Reiki is a popular energy healing technique that focuses on channeling. The primary goal of Reiki is to reduce stress, create balance within the body, and channel energy. Reiki is performed by a certified practitioner that works with different energy fields around a person. There may be light touches of the body involved during reiki sessions. These energy healers channel positive energy through their hands and into the person receiving this care.

Similar to Network Spinal, it works with energetic fields. The reiki practitioner’s heart opens up and the energy flows from them to the person receiving the care. There is not as much involvement with the nervous system or spinal cord with Reiki. However, sound bathing and crystal healing can be incorporated into these energy healing sessions. There are many reiki options in San Diego CA to select from when searching for an energy healer.

3. Somato Respiratory Integration

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Somato Respiratory Integration, also known as SRI, is a set of breathing exercises that helps people connect with their body’s natural energy. It could be up for debate whether a breathing exercise is considered energy healing. Not all are. However, Somato Respiratory Integration integrates gentle touch combined with performing certain movements and certain breathing patterns to help people release stored trauma.

SRI is used with Network Spinal to help people break patterns and make huge changes in life. SRI breathing exercises channel the natural rhythm of your body, allowing energy to flow through you. Are you anxious about an upcoming event, interaction, or situation? SRI is an effective wellness practice that can help you heal through energy. The breathing patterns can be extremely fast or very calm/slow. As you breathe, you place your hands over parts of your body that feel disconnected.

The goal of this energy healing practice is to help resourced areas of your body support other parts that are not feeling resourced. If you’ve ever felt disconnected from your body, SRI breathing exercises are a great way to reconnect these parts. People experience profound emotional releases during these energy healing sessions. Contact us today to learn about Somato Respiratory Integration in San Diego as a form of energy healing.

4. Tarot Card Readings

When people think of energy healing, many picture tarot card readings. If you’ve never had your tarot cards read, it’s quite the experience. Avoid the shanty places along the side of Highway 5 in San Diego when looking for a tarot card reader. This energy healing practice involves using a deck of cards to help predict someone’s past, present, or future. Are you searching for answers to things in your life? A tarot card reading can be incredibly enlightening.

This energy healing modality is known as cartomancy, which is fortune-telling using cards. You can gain great insight into your life when working with a legitimate tarot card reader in San Diego County. Yelp is a great place to start when searching for different energy healers throughout the San Diego area. When the cards are pulled, the practitioner interprets them and provides you insight into your life.

5. Muscle Testing

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Muscle Testing is a non-invasive energy healing technique that measures life energy and chi within the body. The focus of these energy healers is body-mind wellness. A biofeedback test is performed to assess a patient’s energetic vitality. A Muscle Testing Practitioner will apply gentle pressure to different muscles as they contract. From here, they measure/gauge the response of the muscle. These responses can be incredibly minimal because they are measuring the life energy from the body.

The goal of these energy healers is to help you break through limiting beliefs and release stored emotional trauma. Your life energy is very telling and will indicate to the practitioner your current energetic state. When someone’s life energy is low, they are more susceptible to becoming sick or injured. Muscle Testing helps identify energetic blocks that you’re experiencing through your life energy.

6. Energy Clearing

Also known as energy cleansing, energy clearing is a holistic practice used to clear out negative vibrations. Everything is energy and vibration. For example, have you ever felt nervous walking into a room with strangers and then started to sweat? That is your body picking up on the energy within the room. Perhaps you’ve entered a building that is believed to be haunted. There are certain energies that you will pick up on as you walk throughout that place. What can we do about a place that feels stuck with negative energy?

Energy healers in San Diego use a variety of cleansing techniques to clear out a space. You can open up the energy of a room through holistic practices like burning sage. You can also perform different chants and sound healing exercises with sound bowls. Energy clearing is an effective and natural way to free up the ‘stuckness’ of a place. You can perform this energy healing technique on your own by picking up sage and performing several ceremonies by yourself. This can help cleanse any negative energy associated with that room or place.

How to Find an Energy Healer in San Diego County

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Energy healing can help you break through old limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Unlock your greatest potential and enjoy life and it’s meant to be enjoyed. The universe is here to support you along your healing journey. Give our team of energy healers a call today to learn more about Network Spinal and Somato Respiratory Integration. Working with an energy healer in San Diego County can help you rediscover that part of yourself that you’ve been missing.

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