Grilling Better

July is National Grilling Month, so it’s an important time to understand the importance of grilling healthier.

Be clean. Old grill residue and burnt materials are not suitable for us to consume. Use a wire brush to clean up your grill before and after use. Once you’ve gotten off all those hard-to-reach bits, wipe it down with a cloth and ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned before firing up the next batch.

Reduce the heat. Just because you’re cooking over a fire doesn’t mean it needs to be out of control. When the heat is too much and comes into contact with protein, it produces smoke associated with cancers. Cook your food for longer on lower heat to avoid emitting these harmful fuels. Alternatively, you can cover the grill with foil, leaving a couple of holes to allow smoke to escape without the meat coming in direct contact with the fire.

Marinate it up. Marinated food reduces the build-up of harmful carcinogens on your food. Marinate whatever you plan to cook with a homemade rub.

Try something new. Grilling isn’t only about meat. Change things up by throwing on some zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Grills make everything taste better, not just meat, so expand your options by choosing fresh, organic vegetables.

Be safe. Always keep your raw meat away from your cooked meats. Place your cooked foods on a new, clean plate, not the same one you had before cooking. Remember to always keep in control of the flames!

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