Groundhog Day

Did you know that the groundhog day tradition started back in the 1800s? It is actually associated with a European tradition, in which a sacred bear or badger was the weather predictor. We choose the groundhog as our weatherman on this side of the Atlantic. 

Here are some more fun facts about our favorite burrower. 

  • The most famous groundhog is known as Punxsutawney Phil. Pretty creative since Phil lives in Punxsutawney!
  • Our northern neighbors in Canada also have a groundhog tradition. Their most famous groundhog lives in Wiarton and is called Wiarton Willie. He is also an albino groundhog, meaning his fur is white. It seems all groundhogs follow a similar naming process!
  • Speaking of names, a groundhog is also called a woodchuck.
  • Groundhogs are part of the squirrel family. However, they are the largest of their kind.
  • Organizers of the groundhog day event claim that the predictions are accurate 75-90% of the time.
  • Groundhogs don’t just burrow in the ground. They can also climb trees and swim exceptionally well.
  • When a groundhog gives birth, they generally have six babies. All of which stay with them for a couple of months until they’re big enough to take care of  themselves.

We hope you learned a little bit more about Groundhog Day!

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