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Guidelines for guest posting

Hello and welcome to Twin Waves Wellness Center. We are open to collaborations with writers in the health, wellness, fitness, diet, and mindfulness spaces. Here are our guidelines. Please read these before sending any guest post or article.

  • There is a guest post fee of $ 50 to post on our website with 1 do-follow link in the article.
  • The post must be 1000 words in length. 1200 words is preferred but not required.
  • No plagiarism. Content must be 100% unique. This will be verified by Copyscape.
  • Articles should not contain any promotional language.
  • Check your grammar! Articles should not contain any grammatical errors.
  • We reserve the right to adjust Headers and content slightly to better fit our audience and writing style.
Twin Waves Wellness Team

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Please email – twinwaveschiropractic@gmail.com

Chiropractor Blog Examples

There is plenty to write about in terms of the health and wellness space. Chiropractic care is more niche. If you decide to write on that, here are a few examples of the directions that you can go. Previously, we’ve outlined the benefits of chiropractic care. If people have trouble affording it, they can research if their health savings account covers chiropractic care. It certainly does in many cases. This is a great way for people to pay for the chiropractor but not break the bank!

You can also consider the niche directions of chiropractic topics. For instance, chiropractors for sports athletes are likely to attract a certain type of person. Athletes need chiropractic care after getting injured. To stay on the top of their game, it’s smart to invest in their own health.


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