Heart Mind Connection

Are we all connected?

We’ve heard many times the expression, “we are all one.” How might this be true? One of the ways we can scientifically observe this is through the electromagnetic signal of the heart. The heart’s electromagnetic field can be measured from as far as 8 feet away from the physical body! This means that your electromagnetic signal overlaps with those in your environment, and can be detected by the nervous systems of other people and animals. The electrical signal of the heart itself is 40 to 60 times that of the brain, and the heart even has its own intrinsic nervous system!

The heart and spine have a close connection. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we use heart rate variability (HRV) to measure the adaptability of your nervous system. By looking at the rhythm and rates of the heart, we begin to see how your body is responding and adapting to the stressors that affect everyday life.

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Why should we care?

Our holistic chiropractic office in San Diego practices Network Spinal, which links the heart’s healthy energy to the spine. As the individual approaches the level of care we call Awaken, the heart functioning moves to a higher level of heart rate variability, thereby indicating an increased efficiency of the nervous system to adapt to stress. With more efficiency, the individual is able to stop living in an alert and stressed state and embody experiences of peace, love, compassion, and the ability to speak inner truth.

When someone is in heart coherency, a more coherent signal is sent out to the environment. As people’s hearts overlap and extend into the field, there is an experience of oneness, love, and higher attributes of humanity. THIS is why Twin Waves Wellness Center and many Network Care offices utilize an “open” adjusting or entraining style approach  – we ALL affect each other in the quantum field. So the next time your heart is elevated, whether on the table at Twin Waves or off the table standing next to someone in line at the grocery store, open it up wide, knowing that you are helping shape a greater sense of love, community, and connection for yourself and others.

Want to learn more about Heart Rate Variability?

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