How Can Gentle Force Chiropractors Improve Your Health?

A gentle force chiropractor is ideal for people who have conditions that make them extremely sensitive to pressure. Gentle chiropractic care consists of using light applications of pressure.

Gentle chiropractic care does not involve twisting the spine. Instead, it focuses on applying light pressure along the vertebrae and spine. This helps to realign the spine without the need for force. In this post, we list some of the circumstances where a gentle force chiropractor may be ideal. 

1. Older Individuals And NewComers

Twin Waves Wellness Team

It’s common for newcomers to feel a certain degree of discomfort when it comes to getting care from a chiropractor for the first time. Typically, older individuals are more sensitive to touch, so they tend to experience a certain degree of anxiety when it comes to going to a traditional chiropractor as well. In both of these situations, going to a gentle force chiropractor would be a more ideal option. 

Since this chiropractic technique consists of using light applications of pressure along the spine and does not involve using force, it can prove to be ideal for sensitive individuals such as the elderly and for people who have never gone to a session before. 

2) Anxiety Levels

Data suggest that gentle chiropractic care is especially beneficial to individuals who experience anxiety. According to a poll which was conducted by AnxietyCentre, 52% of respondents proclaimed that they experienced numerous benefits to their anxiety levels, as a result of engaging in gentle chiropractic care. 

Studies have shown that this practice can help to alleviate anxiety by promoting relaxation and calm. Additionally, a professor from the Alliant International University proclaimed that this form of therapy can help to reduce anxiety by reducing irritability levels and improving sleep quality. 

3) Gentle Force Chiropractors Are Ideal For Specific Medical Conditions 

Twin Waves Wellness Team

In some instances, a person may suffer from a condition that makes traditional chiropractic care infeasible. In situations like these, a more gentle approach can help! A prime example of this kind of medical condition would be acute trauma which occurred as a result of a car accident. In most cases, individuals who experience acute trauma suffer from increased sensitivity for a prolonged period of time as a result of damaged tissues and nerves. 

Most experts will tell you that nerve-related injuries are some of the most pain-inducing injuries a human can sustain. A gentle force chiropractic session can help to provide a patient with all the benefits, minus the discomfort of aggravating damaged nerves. It’s also worth noting that some severe injuries leave the muscles and spine vulnerable. In a situation like this, a more gentle approach is needed. 

4) Getting Children Involved 

Stress affects adults and children alike. Children who experience high levels of stress may experience mood swings and other emotional trauma that actually stems from their bodies. 

One of the ways you can improve their behavior is to bring them to a chiropractor. However, for a child, the concept of undergoing a traditional session may prove to be a scary experience, even if it’s painless. However, a gentle chiropractic office can help to introduce children to the concept of chiropractic care

A gentle force chiropractor can provide you with the very same benefits that you get from a traditional chiropractor. The only difference is that it consists of applying a light amount of pressure. You normally won’t find any ‘cracking’ in these offices. Instead, it consists of using specific techniques to realign the spine and use resourced energy that already exists in the body. 

If you are dealing with back pain and think a gentle force chiropractor can help, contact us today for a free consultation. Twin Waves Wellness Center looks forward to helping you along your healing journey.

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