How to Find a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor?

Going to the chiropractor, for many people, is about getting your back re-aligned. Some people called it “getting your back cracked.”

Chiropractors use a multitude of techniques to relieve pain and improve their patient’s quality of life. One of these gentle force approaches is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), a lesser-known chiropractic treatment.

Unlike traditional chiropractors, it focuses on the nervous system, the spine, and the high levels of pressure around the spine, which causes misalignment. Network Spinal Analysis works effectively on finding cures, not just concealing the pain.

NSA system is growing exponentially in the spinal analysis branch within the chiropractic profession.

But choosing the right NSA chiropractor can be challenging. Placing your chronic care in nontraditional care can feel intimidating, especially if you do not know where to begin. This article will define Network Spina care, outline how it works and discuss what to consider and where to find NSA chiropractors.

About Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is an evidence-based chiropractic approach to health created in 1987 by Dr. Donald Epstein. NSA takes chiropractic care to another level by allowing the nervous system to interact with the body and discharging negative opposition causing the pain. It teaches the body and the brain how to release stored tension, which appears as a disease or illness. NSA chiropractors can help facilitate the body’s own self-generated mechanisms of respiration and movement to assist in transforming tension, stress, and resistance to the nervous system. NSA practitioners work with the body’s self-healing ability and help you connect with your natural healing energy.

How does Network Spinal Analysis Work?

NSA specialist places their emphasis primarily on the nervous system and the spine. The nervous system transmits signals to and from your brain to all parts of the body, including the spine. The pain signals have a major influence on pain levels and how we experience them. The nervous system also turns mental and physical stress into tension which causes subluxations or misalignments in the spine. The more stress in your life, the more subluxations will occur in the spinal area. If the tension is not reduced on a deeper level, the cycle of pain only continues.

NSA practitioner treats misalignments or subluxations not only on a physical level but they treat them on a mental level as well. Regular visits to your NSA practitioner will reduce the stress on the nervous system. For more information on Network Spinal, click here.

How to find a Network Spinal Chiropractor?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Finding the right Network Spinal chiropractor can change your life for the better if you choose a chiropractor that is right for you. Your body may begin experiencing the network wave once you begin working with a chiropractor and are receiving consistent care. Some of the things to consider include:

Recommendations: The first thing you should do is make a list of recommendations from your doctor, friends, and family. Your doctor can give you suggestions for a pain management specialist. Since back pain is so prevalent, your friends and family might be able to recommend chiropractors in your area.

Customer Reviews: Find customer reviews on the chiropractors on your list. Although some customer reviews can be misleading because of different experiences, they can identify red flags, like little or no customer reviews can be a red flag.

Online: With technology continuing to grow more into our lives, you can find doctors that fit your needs right from your smartphone. For example, you can find a network spinal analysis doctor through useful directories like this one. They screen doctors to ensure the quality of network practitioners that you can find here.


Network spinal analysis is an effective, safe treatment with little or no notable side effects. This is a holistic approach to healing! When choosing a Network Spinal Analysis chiropractor, it is important to get recommendations, read customer reviews, and do research. NSA uses a gentle, light touch when you compare it to other branches of chiropractic so, it is appropriate for adults and children. So, start creating your NSA recommendation list today.

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