John Amaral: Energy Healer and Chiropractor

John Amaral became extremely well-known as an energy healer and chiropractor after being featured on the Goop Lap Episode 5. The world was amazed as they watched energy healing happen. People wondered if it was real or if an exorcism was taking place. As Network Chiropractors, we were ecstatic to see NSA begin to go mainstream. Gwyneth Paltrow featured Dr. John Amaral on her show, which is featured on Netflix. This was HUGE for the Network Spinal world. John brought Network Spinal, also known as Network Spinal Analysis, to the forefront of energetic healing. Julianne Hough received Network Spinal from John Amaral as well, which gave NSA a huge publicity boost.

Here, we uncover the energetic healing that John Amaral practices as a chiropractor.

What Does John Amaral Do?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Dr. John Amaral is a holistic chiropractor that practices Network Spinal (NSA). This technique helps people release stored tension in their muscles and joints through gentle force adjustments, also known as entrainments. Instead of the traditional cracking or popping of bones that you’re used to seeing at chiropractic offices, John Amaral leverages different energetic intelligences to help people heal physically and emotionally.

Network Spinal, which was founded by Dr. Donald Epstein, is taking the wellness world by storm. It is beloved by many energy healing seekers, such as Tony Robbins. Most people, when first learning about this type of energy work, are astonished. We were too when we first learned about Network Spinal! How can such a gentle touch do anything? Network Spinal is based on scientific research. For example,  Dr. Edmond Jonckheere, a professor of Electrical Engineering at USC, performed an acclaimed study on the spinal wave.

He found that the network wave is a natural phenomenon that occurs when certain gentle touchpoints are made along the spinal cord, neck, and back. For giants as big as Tony Robbins, this gentle force chiropractic technique can create great changes. You can heal physical injury and treat chronic pain through Network Spinal care. This energy healing technique can also help people acknowledge, face, and overcome past emotional traumas. Have you noticed people experiencing huge emotional releases when John Amaral worked on them? There’s a chance that they were working through something emotional, which led to the visible/audible release that you witnessed.

Dr. John Amaral: The Chiropractor

Dr. John Amaral is a chiropractor based in California that practices Network Spinal. This chiropractic technique brings a holistic approach to healing. It doesn’t involve any bone-cracking when working with people. So, how does this energy healing technique work?

Network Spinal helps people unwind physical tension that is stored in their muscles and joints. This tension could be recent, or it may have been there for years. Have you ever heard of someone complaining about chronic back pain for over a decade? Physical pain can trap people to the point where it feels like it becomes their story that will never change. Network Spinal helps people break through those old patterns by helping them develop new strategies regarding their thoughts, self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. You can optimize how you feel physically by starting from within. The chiropractic technique that John Amaral practices helps people get there.

Network Spinal Works With Energy

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Network Spinal helps people overcome limiting beliefs that have been holding them back in life. After experiencing Network Chiropractic, people not only feel better physically but also emotionally. Naturally, humans tend to bury negative thoughts regarding traumatic events. It’s a form of defense and typically makes it easier to deal with in the short term. However, as a long-term self-care strategy, it won’t last.

The goal of John Amaral, and other energy healers, is to help people unlock their truest potential. If there are things in life that are holding them back, energy healing can help them breakthrough. It’s challenging to muster up the energy to deal with an emotionally traumatic event. Oftentimes, we think that we have completely dealt with something. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When people see doctors like John Amaral, feelings around past emotional traumas can come back. A rush of thoughts and emotions can come racing back, which can be overwhelming.

John Amaral Offers Energy Healing

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The energy healing practice of Network Spinal helps guide people through this emotional experience. It encourages and empowers your physical body to release the stored tension surrounding this event. This can show up as things like chronic neck pain. Imagine that pain finally going away? You can heal emotionally and physically by experiencing Network Spinal Chiropractic. John Amaral shows through his energy healing sessions that this work can truly work.

How Much Does a Session with John Amaral Cost

John Amaral is a globally recognized Doctor of Chiropractic and spiritual energy healer. Based on that alone, he likely isn’t cheap! Energy healing sessions can range in the amount that they cost. It depends on what type of energy healer you see and the type of care that you receive. If you’re curious about how much a Network Spinal session costs in Solana Beach at our Wellness Center, give us a call today!

Learn More About Energy Healing

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It is our goal to provide a safe space for all to come and heal. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we offer both Network Spinal and Somato Respiratory Integration Breathing Exercises. We are here for you to help you along your healing journey. John Amaral showcases the amazing benefits of this energy healing technique. Give us a call today or fill out our form below to learn more about our holistic services in San Diego County.

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