Lower Back Pain: 5 Remarkable Ways That a Chiropractor Can Help

What does a Chiropractor do for Lower Back Pain?

One of the first questions we ask our clients looks like it has nothing to do with chiropractic care: what are your goals?

Why do we ask that, and not where does it hurt?

It’s simple—getting to know you and what you want out of life helps us tailor your holistic chiropractic blueprint. It helps us to understand whether your hope is to get back into the garden, to spend more time chasing your kids around the backyard, or to shave a few minutes off your marathon record.

It helps us to know your concerns, and what you need to live your best life.

Of course, we’re also going to ask you where it hurts—because many of our new practice members come visit our chiropractic office in the midst of dealing with some kind of pain or injury.

The most common is lower back pain, so today we’re exploring the ways that chiropractic helps lower back pain. If you’ve been soldiering on despite lower back pain, it’s time to stop. We can help you.

Here are the 5 remarkable ways that chiropractic helps lower back pain.

Conquering Lower Back Pain

1.) Chiropractic Care Relieves Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Pain is how your body signals that it is in distress. Distress in the spine can manifest as back pain, neck pain, or issues in the limbs and joints.

Our role—as chiropractors—is to work on areas of misalignment in the spine and limbs to ease this distress. Through gentle force chiropractic and a whole-body approach to wellbeing, we can encourage the body to heal—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Research

We both know that pain medication is a quick fix, right? It can be extremely effective, but it doesn’t address the underlying cause of your pain. Self-care is important, but it doesn’t replace professional treatment and advice. Physical therapy is a valuable tool, as part of a comprehensive health plan.

A 2018 study backed up the need for professional chiropractic care for treating lower back pain.

  • 750 active-duty military personnel—all suffering from lower back pain—were split into two groups. Group A received pain medication, instructions for self-care, and physical therapy treatments. Group B received the same care—plus 12 chiropractic treatments over a six-week period.
  • At the end of the study, group B reported reduced pain intensity, improved function, lower use of pain medication, and a more positive perception of their pain symptoms.

Visiting a chiropractor when experiencing lower back pain can make a huge difference.

2.) Effectiveness Against Back Pain

Lower back pain is such a common complaint. In pregnant women, it can be exacerbated by the loosening of joints and ligaments as your body prepares for labor. In adults over 40, it is aggravated by poor posture and years—even decades—of misuse and weakening core muscles. In adults and children of all ages, it can be the result of an accident or injury.

The Research

Whatever your reason, all the research points in one direction—chiropractic helps lower back pain. In a nonprofit consumer magazine report, more than 30,000 people ranked chiropractic care above all other conventional treatments for lower back pain, including:

  • OTC and prescription pain relief
  • TENS and IDET
  • Bioelectric therapy
  • Nerve blocks
  • Spinal stimulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Analgesic injections (pain relief injections)
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal decompression therapy

3.) Improve Your Posture

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Lower back pain can be triggered by a host of issues, and poor posture won’t help any of them. Slouching, hunching forward, and rounding your shoulders all stop you from correctly supporting your spine. In this day and age—when everyone is driving somewhere or staring at their phone—we’re seeing worse posture than ever.

Poor posture is also a leading contributor to long-term back pain of all types.

It also contributes to increased emotional and mental stress, drives the production of stress hormones, and puts strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. Did you know poor posture can even cause headaches, limit blood flow to our organs, change the way we walk and move, and increase anxiety levels?

Our goal is to improve your posture with chiropractic. A holistic approach to chiropractic care isn’t just about getting rid of your lower back pain (although we do that!)—it’s about leveling up your life through gentle, mindful, whole-body treatments. You can also consider using something for support like a posture corrector from Your Back Pain Relief.

4.) Reduce Your Risk of Injury

We use traditional and evolving chiropractic techniques to properly align your spine and improve your range of motion. These evidence-based chiropractic techniques treat pain, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee pain
  • Emotional pain, stress, and trauma
  • Accident-related injuries

Treatments can vary—because our clients vary—but we draw from a range of professional treatment options to craft your chiropractic plan. From Diversified Technique to Logan Technique, Gonstead adjustment, flexion-distraction, soft-tissue therapy, network spinal, and bodywork, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

5.) Decrease Recovery Time from Injuries

As part of our holistic practice, we use a method of chiropractic care known as Network Spinal.

Network spinal analysis focuses on stored tensions within your body, and helps us to better understand your physiology. NSA doesn’t treat a symptom—like lower back pain. Instead, it treats the root cause, teaching your body to respond to its own distress signals fast.

Because we, as chiropractors, understand that physical stresses are converted into stored tension in your spine, we believe it is vital to teach your body how to cope with stress. Your body can learn to manage its own pain, adapt, and evolve.

What does that mean for you?

It’s simple: your body learns to help itself. It heals faster. It bounces back. It releases trauma and stress. At the end of the day, it means that you feel better faster.

Get Chiropractic Support for Lower Back Pain

Understanding the treatment plan you need is hard—but getting started on your road to recovery is really easy. Call or email us today, and let us be a part of your healing through gentle, holistic chiropractic care. You can recover from lower back pain, no matter how fierce it may be, by visiting a chiropractor.

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