How to Manifest Something By Writing it Down

Can you manifest something by writing it down? Many would answer that question with a fat “NO CHANCE BUDDY”. To a degree, they aren’t wrong. Manifesting something takes more than simply writing it down. There is energy, effort, and thought required to make a manifestation happen. Writing things down is only one piece of the puzzle. You must align yourself with your thoughts and beliefs to truly manifest something (or someone).

Here, we review step-by-step how to manifest something in your life by writing it down.

Manifesting Something Requires Alignment

Twin Waves Wellness Team

When we say ‘alignment’, we aren’t talking about your spine. To successfully manifest something in your life, you must align several key components with whatever is it you want to make a reality.

Manifesting something in your life requires you to align these 4 things:

  • Your thoughts (intentions)
  • Your beliefs
  • Your emotions
  • Your actions (habits)

Your thoughts are the foundation of mastering the art of manifestation. “If you can think it, you can do it!” Our thoughts are incredibly powerful tools that can work with us (or against us) to create and shape our reality. The thoughts that we have throughout the day be challenging to control. If we feel a certain emotion or act a certain way that contradicts our thoughts, that separation usually causes that thing to fail (aka not happen). There is no alignment when our thoughts and actions are following different paths. The friction causes too much separation. Our efforts and energy put towards manifesting something become diluted since each component is not aligned.

How to Control our own Thoughts?

Corralling our thoughts into a succinct and intentional direction is possible by writing things down. That’s why journaling is so powerful and effective when trying to manifest something. We get a better grasp of our thoughts when they are written down on paper. It allows us to see them with our eyes, physically, instead of only thinking about them abstractly. Writing your thoughts down is a powerful habit that can help us manifest something and turn it into reality.

Thoughts Become Beliefs Become Actions

Once we align our thoughts with our manifestation goal, they become our beliefs over time. A thought can influence our emotions, which also affects our energy/frequency. These things will have a direct impact on how to manifest something. Once our beliefs are aligned with our goals, they begin to influence our actions. Actions, over time, become habits. What do habits do? They, with enough consistency, time, and effort, become our reality. That is the formula to manifesting something by writing it down.

How to Write a Manifestation Journal

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Not everyone likes writing! If you fall into that category, we will introduce you to your new best friend:

  • Bullet points

A manifestation journal can be anything you want it to be, as long as it’s not an energy drain. The moment that manifesting something becomes an arduous homework or project that you dread is the moment that your beliefs/emotions fall out of alignment with your goal. Journaling is a powerful wellness routine too because it helps clear your mind and ease any anxiety.

Manifest Writing Examples

Test several different approaches to writing in a manifestation journal. If you absolutely hate writing, use the journal to write our everything you want to manifest, and read it daily. You don’t have to continue writing it out each day if you hate doing that. Reading a manifestation list that you compiled can work as effectively as writing it. For those that go this direction, read your manifestation list every morning right as you wake up and directly before going to bed. This allows your brain to absorb your goals in their entirety, empowering your subconscious to align with what you want to manifest.

For those that are open to keeping a fluid manifestation journal, consider writing your goals each morning. Do this before looking at your phone or email. This allows your brain and subconscious to fully embrace the thing (or person) you are trying to manifest. You can write out the same bulleted points each day in your manifestation journal. By doing this, you allow the thoughts that you are writing down to become your bible. Your brain will begin to believe 100% to its core that these are true. Here is where the vibrational shift happens! Your thoughts will now subconsciously become your actions and eventually your reality.

How to Manifest Money

Everyone has their own relationship with money. Many of us feel vibrationally different when thinking about making more of it. “I will never have enough money because I’m not good enough to get the job.” It’s SO EASY to have these limiting beliefs around money. What should you do if this is you? Try to manifest money into your life.
Start by creating a game plan for how you will align your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. Journaling and writing about money is a highly effective way to manifest it. First, change your thoughts. Do you think you deserve more money? Write down that you do. Why don’t you think you deserve extra money? Write about that, and why you do deserve it now. Changing your mindset and internal vibration around money helps manifest it into your life.

How to Manifest Love

Manifesting love is a goal many of us have. Love is hard to find and sometimes even harder to make last. Similar to manifesting something, you can manifest someone by writing it down. Follow the same manifestation guidelines above to help you find your true love. Write down exactly how you envision that person to be. For example:

  • What qualities do they possess?
  • How do they treat you?
  • What does your future with them look like?

Get as specific as possible when trying to manifest love by writing it down. Journaling is our most effective tool for shifting our thoughts to eventually become our reality. There is someone out there for everyone. By aligning how we think, feel, and act, we become more open to identifying and receiving that love.

Manifestation Through Journaling

Twin Waves Wellness Team

You can successfully manifest something through journaling. Writing down our thoughts lets us view them from a different perspective. Journaling enables us to shift our beliefs and truly align them with our manifestation goals. Believe to your core that you deserve whatever it is that you desire. That is where manifestation begins. By writing it down, you empower your subconscious to work with you versus against you in the journey of manifesting something in your life.

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