5 Effective Morning Routine Ideas for Anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety when we first wake up in the morning. The voices inside our heads creating anxious thoughts can become a daily occurrence that feels impossible to overcome. Fortunately, there are several morning routine ideas that you can implement that will kickstart your day in the right direction.

NOTE: there are two secret ingredients that are required to successfully get rid of anxiety in the mornings. One is consistency. You must consistently work on yourself, the self-care you provide yourself, and your wellness routines. Changes may not happen overnight. When dealing with anxiety in the morning, you must work at this daily in order to persevere and grow. What’s the 2nd secret ingredient to a successful morning routine for anxiety? More on that later in the article!

Here are 5 effective morning routine ideas for anxiety that will leave you feeling happier when starting your day.

1. Go on a Walk Outside

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The feeling of fresh air smacking you directly in the face first thing in the morning as you move your body does wonders for morning anxiety. Even if the weather is hot versus brisk, being outside in the fresh air helps clear your mind. If you’re dealing with anxiety in the mornings, walking outside when you first wake up can help shrink turbulent emotions and thoughts.

Fresh oxygen will flow through your body and to your brain. This helps your body begin to feel better and more refreshed. Additionally, once your body is moving first thing in the morning, it also helps to clear your head of anxious thoughts. The better your physical body feels, the easier it becomes to feel better emotionally. Squash morning anxiety by adding walks to your daily routine.

2. Journaling

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Do you ever feel like it’s hard to express how you feel? A buildup (or block) of emotions can lead to anxiety. Anxious thoughts are typically derived from thoughts about a future event, interaction, or thing. By writing your thoughts down in a journal, you can get rid of morning anxiety. Anxious thoughts have trouble sticking around in your head once you throw them down on paper! Don’t be shy once you begin journaling in the mornings. Let everything loose. There is no one judging you.

Journaling is a powerful tool for a variety of reasons. People write things down to manifest things in their lives that they desire. If something is lacking in your life that is causing you to have anxiety, journal about it in the mornings. You’ll be surprised how effective things like manifestations and affirmations can be! Use journaling as a tool during your morning routine to trump anxiety.

3. Meditate

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The 3rd morning routine idea for anxiety requires less movement than the other practices listed. Meditation has been used for centuries to calm the mind and ground the spirit. If you need to clear your head in the morning, meditating is a powerful way to quiet anxious thoughts and provide your soul with more ease to start the day. Meditation is an energy-healing technique for stress, anxiety, and even trauma. You can take your power back first thing in the morning by meditating to deal with anxiety.

Do you want to know a myth about meditating? It’s easy. Although the physical actions of meditating are ‘easy’ to perform, actually quieting your mind and being 100% present for an extended period of time is difficult. Especially when you’re experiencing anxiety, meditating for full focus can be tough! Don’t get down on yourself if you have trouble fully quieting your mind. It’s perfectly normal. There are great meditation apps you can use that are free and easy to follow. This is where the consistency requirement comes into play. To successfully deal with anxiety by leveraging your morning routine ideas, you must work at it daily and not give up.

4. Stretch

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Back to movement, getting your body going is an impactful way to deal with morning anxiety. Stretching is one of the quickest morning routine ideas that you can do. It doesn’t require much effort, concentration, or focus. You can literally roll out of bed and stretch for a minute or two. Stretching, over time, can turn into a love for other morning routine practices, like yoga. People that enjoy stretching typically also enjoy yoga classes. Consider adding stretching to your list of morning routine ideas for anxiety. Moving the body (and feeling good in it) is key to successfully dealing with anxious thoughts and emotions.

5. Exercise

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At the top of the movement charts, we have exercise. Adding an exercise regimen to your morning routine can alter your world in many ways. Since exercising is so physically demanding, your mind and body feel rewarded after completing it. Exercising in the mornings is even more demanding since not everyone is a ‘morning person’.

Imagine yourself having to wake up on a frigid morning and walk to the gym or work out in your garage. It’s not an easy task! Dopamine oftentimes gets released in the brain during and after exercise routines are complete. This compounds over time as you get more used to exercising. Adding workouts to your morning routine ideas list for anxiety is a powerful way to feel happier throughout your day. Don’t underestimate movement and the positive health benefits it offers.

Morning Routines for Dealing with Anxiety

Twin Waves Wellness Team

There are 5 effective morning routine ideas for anxiety! These routines and ideas are all powerful in their own ways. Which morning routine idea is the best? That is up to you and your preferences. Don’t be shy and experiment with different morning routines for anxiety. There is a ‘perfect’ morning routine for anxiety out there for everyone.

Oh, wait… what was the 2nd secret ingredient to having a successful morning routine for anxiety? Besides consistency, you also need intention. What is your intention behind these wellness practices and morning routines that you are forcing yourself to do so early in the day? Clearly define your intention and allow it to drive you through the brisk, early, tough mornings when you would rather be sleeping in your bed under the sheets.

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