July 2023 is Healthy Vision Month

The sun is shining down. It’s strong, it’s beautiful – but it’s also terrible for your vision. While a great pair of UV protective glasses help to reduce the glare and impact of the sun, a chiropractic session may be the best option for you to maintain your vision and protect your health in the long run.

But, wait, shouldn’t I be going to an ophthalmologist for that? Not necessarily!

Chiropractic care can improve how the whole body functions – including your eyes. All answers lie in your spine. Here’s how it works. The spine houses your spinal cord, which is part of the central nervous system. This system is responsible for how the body functions as a whole.

When your spine is healthy, your nervous system can function as it should. This includes how it coordinates the body to work together, including helping your eyes work correctly.  Any disruption to your central nervous system, no matter how small, can lead to dysfunction within the body, and your eyes. In fact, the optic nerve, which controls eyesight, is directly connected to the central nervous system. So, it makes sense that it’s all connected.

In the end, our eyes need proper blood flow and oxygen. If blood flow is restricted at any stage, it may lead to blurry vision and eyesight problems.

Do all that you can to protect your eyesight this summer. Wear sunglasses, and book your next session with us!

Reference: https://www.epienergetics.org/research-resources/2012/2/16/improvement-in-vision-in-a-patient-with-diabetic-retinopathy-following-network-spinal-analysis-care

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