Questions Every New Patient Should Ask Before They See a Chiropractor in Gold River

Are you looking to see a chiropractor near Gold River or somewhere else? Here are three great questions to ask each chiropractic office, before you show up for your initial appointment, wherever you live.

Question 1: Do you do a gentle type of adjustment or manual adjustment that produces a cavitation, typically?

This question is important because some people really don’t like getting their neck “cracked” or don’t like manual adjusting. If you fall in this camp, then you will want to avoid a chiropractor that does manual adjustments that produce a cavitation. Many people that get a gentler type of adjustment (like from Network Spinal, get just as good or better results than with a manual type adjustment. 

Second Question: Does your office have a spinal decompression table or traction table?

Bulging discs and herniated discs are very common causes of low back pain, neck pain, and sciatica, especially if you have been in an automobile accident previously. Spinal decompression therapy is a specialized treatment that is the gold standard for treating these types of back injuries, without using drugs are surgeries. If you are going to see a chiropractor, it’s not mandatory for them to have one of these tables, but if you have one of these types of injuries, then you will most likely get much better results with this therapy added to your chiropractic care. 

Third Question: Does your office typically take x-rays of new patients? 

Chiropractors work with the nervous system and skeletal system (as a means to affect the nervous system), therefore the doctor will be able to tailor the ideal adjustment for you with the help of fresh x-rays. It’s a good sign when a doctor of chiropractic takes x-rays for new patients, it can show a higher quality of care. Like with anything though, everything isn’t good for everyone and only your doctor with a proper exam can know if x-rays or spinal decompression is going to fit your particular need. 

Hopefully, these questions can help guide you to the doctor that is right for you, in Gold River, San Diego, or wherever you find yourself in California. All chiropractors are specialist in spinal care and by seeing one; you will get a unique view of your health. If you are dealing with some pain or another complaint, the best thing you can do is book an initial appointment with a chiropractor near you as soon as possible. Typically, the sooner you get into the chiropractor, the faster and more effective results of care will be.

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