How to Release Stored Tension Through Network Spinal

When you think of a chiropractor, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Many traditional chiropractic techniques include some form of popping, cracking, or shifting. Those adjustments are oftentimes necessary for that person or patient at that time to help them overcome and heal from an injury. However, what if there was a way to heal physical pain through a different and more holistic approach?

Network Spinal, also known as NSA, is a gentle force chiropractic technique that focuses on places within the body that are resourced. There is no cracking or popping with this technique. The gentle touches along the neck and spinal cord tap into resourced energy within the body to help heal other parts of the body that are not as resourced.

Network Spinal Wave

Oftentimes, when you see someone get a network spinal ‘entrainment’, their nervous system will conduct a wave of energy that flows up and down the spine. This is energy moving and tension being released. You may even hear moans, groans, yawns, laughs, and cries from someone experiencing an entrainment. It is all energy in motion through their body and being. The wave can be very subtle, or the opposite. This depends on the person, and there is no one right way to experience your own energy.

A person can be face up or face down while experiencing an entrainment. The wave can travel through different parts of their body but is usually seen along the spinal cord. Tingling sensations, sweating, and boosts of energy can all be experienced on the table. This is all energy in motion within yourself.

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Releasing Stored Tension

As humans, we have internal defense mechanisms and strategies to help us stay emotionally safe. One example is storing tension within our bodies. When we go through a traumatic emotional experience that is extremely difficult to deal with, it’s sometimes easier to bury the thoughts, hide from them, and not deal with them. Many of us have been in this situation, and it’s not easy!

Entrainments help people release this stored tension in their bodies. Through light touches along the spine, people can reignite their nervous system, and acknowledge all the parts of their body. This includes the parts that have been neglected. You can bridge the gap between your body, mind, and soul by harnessing the resourcefulness already within yourself.

Stored Trauma

Stored emotional trauma can ‘show up’ in many different ways over time. For example, some people hold tension in certain parts of the lower back, upper back, or neck. Oftentimes, this reason alone is what leads people to walk into a chiropractic office. Holistic chiropractors use Network Spinal to help that person release stored tension in these areas.

Facing the root cause of an injury is extremely challenging. It’s sometimes hard to conceptualize and believe that our emotions can affect our physical bodies. Have you ever gotten a stomach ache from being nervous? That is a direct effect of mental or emotional stress leading to physical stress. Now, you can imagine that if someone experiences extreme trauma, there’s a chance that their body can have significant physical effects from this.

Gateways of Energy

Twin Waves Wellness Team

How does a gentle touch from a chiropractic visit do anything? Entrainment touchpoints, given by holistic chiropractors, are usually focused around gateways along the neck, spine, and back. Chiropractors work with these areas and tap into different energies.

The amount of resourced energy can differ from person to person. Network chiropractors analyze a person’s gateways, and from there know what kind of touches that patient needs. So much is dependent on how that person is feeling at that moment. The body is smart and subliminally expresses through different physical movements how a person is feeling emotionally. Holistic chiropractors use these hints, along with what the patient expresses verbally, to facilitate a healing session based on that person’s needs.

What Stress Can Really Do To Us

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Heart attacks are one of the top reasons for death in the United States. Many doctors believe that stress is a huge influencer on this.

Stress can show up in the body visibly, and other times subtly. Have you ever heard of someone getting a stress pimple and breaking out with acne? Other times, stress goes less noticed when it affects us.

If someone is experiencing heavy amounts of stress, that can lead to bouts with anxiety and depression. Rapid heart beating is a common effect of experiencing large amounts of anxiety. This is something that cannot be noticed from the surface but can greatly affect someone’s well-being.

Anxiety can be crippling in many ways. One of the best things you can do when experiencing stress-driven anxiety is to express how you feel. Talk to someone that you feel comfortable with. This can be a family member, friend, or healthcare professional. Holistic chiropractors work with people who experience anxiety and depression to help them work through these emotions.

Expressing and releasing stored emotions is liberating. It can feel like climbing the tallest mountain at first, but once you reach the top, you can breathe and be free. Network Spinal incorporates Somato Respiratory Integration, which is a set of breathing exercises to help calm down anxiety. These exercises allow you to tap into the natural rhythm and energy of your body.

Give Back to Yourself Through Network Spinal

There are many modalities that can help you heal. Network Spinal works with areas of the body that are doing well and helps them positively affect other parts. It is a holistic way to heal emotionally through light touches and focused energy. You can release stored tension and trauma. Ultimately, this can relieve you from stress and anxiety.

Life is too short to be in pain. Contact us today to learn more about Network Spinal.

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