June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month.

We still remember it like it was yesterday – the images the doctors showed us when we were roughly 11 or 12 years old were pretty impactful. The curvature in both of our backs was massive, and it was scary, especially from our pre-teenagers’ perspective. They told us we would likely have to have surgery.

Thankfully, we started to receive chiropractic care, and so many things in our health changed for the better.

It wasn’t until very many years later, in chiropractic school, that we saw updated images of our spines. The curvature was most certainly less than before. We felt relieved but most of all thankful that somehow our structure had shifted undoubtedly from the chiropractic care we received.

Of course, this example is anecdotal and from our personal perspectives. However, evidence is abundant for changes in curvatures. Over the years, we’ve had many people come to see us that are concerned about scoliosis and frequently were told that surgery was the only option.

It’s simply not true.

As a general rule, before invasive interventions, all other possibilities that are less invasive interventions by nature should be researched.

In fact, Drs. Danny and Richelle Knowles, DC in Boulder, Colorado, published a case study out of their office on a geriatric patient who came in with curvatures of the spine. They were not adjusting him to try to change the curvature, as we never work on people to change the curvature of scoliosis or any other condition. However, throughout the treatment, his curvature changed.

It changed so much that they were able to publish a case study because the degrees of change was so significant. What’s notable about this case study is that it’s very rare that a geriatric patient would have a change in curvature, let alone someone younger.

If you have someone who has concerns about curvatures of the spine, curvatures of the spine are essential to be reduced. A less ideal alignment is a sign of loss of spinal neural integrity, which will reduce a person’s life span, quality, and enjoyment of life.

Advise them to visit a chiropractor, and if they’re near us, tell them to visit us.

Most importantly, everybody works better with a healthier spine, whether they have a curvature or not. If they have a scoliotic curvature, getting your spine strong, healthy, and well-aligned is even more significant.

Don’t skip on the treatments that can help improve your overall wellbeing.


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