The Season of Transform

Welcome to the season of TRANSFORM! Just like the seasons of the year, we have Seasons of Wellbeing in Network Care, and they are called Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate. These seasons describe the process of healing that each of us go through.

Reviewing the Season of Transform

Below are videos about the season of Transform. Please watch them! These are designed for you so that you can really get the changes you are looking for. We find that the people who take time to learn about their care get greater, more sustainable changes in their bodies and lives.

Season of Transform Demo

Transform Demo 1


Transform Demo 2

Transform Demo 3

In our previous videos, we talked about the season of Discover, which is all about acknowledging that painful thing or experience that we’ve been moving away from. And as we work THROUGH the season of Discover, we establish more safety and connection within our bodies and lives.

Now, as we move into the season of Transform, there’s a new level of energy. We’re done with how we’ve been living our lives, and we’re ready to make a change. The season of Transform is all about opportunity and looking towards a solution. It’s about progress, stepping stones, and breakthroughs. We are now able to use our pain instead as fuel to move THROUGH and make a change.

How do we know we’re in the season of Transform? We feel more empoweredcourageous, and determined. Examples of times when you might be in the season of Transform are during any major life change – starting or stopping a job or relationship, or making a big move.

When we are able to transform our old patterns, beliefs, and ways of being in the world, we change our lives! Congratulations for having the courage to make that change and actually live the life you were meant to live, in the season of Transform!

We hope you find these videos helpful and useful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here for you and your care!

Drs. Kira and Suzanna, DC

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Please note that every person heals differently and expresses themselves differently while on the table. Some people move a lot while on the table; others stay still. Some feel a lot in their body-mind, or notice something internally; others might not notice much internally, but instead, notice something different about the structure or position of their body. Thus, what you will be seeing in these videos might look different than what you, personally, are experiencing on the table. There is no right or wrong answer! No matter how you look or express yourself, know that these strategies are still developing in your body. As with any sustainable change, healing takes time. These strategies tend to become easier the longer you are in care. Trust the process, and know that you are exactly where you need to be! And as always, we are here for support along the way.

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