Should I Tell Someone About My Social Anxiety

Our society is riddled with social anxiety. Especially after going through the pandemic where social interactions were limited and events were canceled, it was extremely tough for people to communicate and spend time with each other in person. If you have wondered if I should tell someone about my social anxiety, the short answer is usually yes. So many people are facing different anxieties that we have no idea about. “Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.” What can we do about social anxiety? We can be here and support each other. Everyone on this planet is human and we all feel. emotions

How to Tell Someone About Anxiety

Twin Waves Wellness Team

It’s not easy to be vulnerable about how you feel. Telling someone about your social anxiety can feel like climbing a mountain with no end in sight. One of the best ways to warm yourself up to tell someone about your anxiety is to practice. Saying things out loud to yourself can put you into the motion and help prepare you to open up to someone. The act of audibly saying it, even to yourself, can make saying it out loud to someone else more natural.

If you’re having trouble navigating your thoughts, to begin with, try writing them down. This can help you compile your emotions and thoughts onto one piece of paper (or multiple). Writing things down can provide clarity to how you are really feeling. This helps uncover the root causes of your emotional pain. By journaling your thoughts, you can organize how you are feeling. Telling someone about your anxiety is easier when you have a better grasp of what’s truly going on in your head and your heart.

What Happens When You Store Anxiety?

Storing anxiety is dangerous. Many holistic chiropractors, like ourselves, believe that storing anxiety, stress, and emotional trauma can have negative physical effects on the body. This stress can show up later on in life as back pain, chronic injury, cancer, heart attack, or more. We’re not saying this to scare you! They say “stress is the number one killer” for a reason. Emotions that are NOT expressed can fester in the body as stored tension. This tense energy affects our body’s movements and functions. How do we release stored anxiety, tension, or stress? Talking to someone about it is a great start! Opening up and being vulnerable helps people release the energy within them and let it run through their being versus tensing up and storing it for later.

Our bodies weren’t meant to be in fight-or-flight mode forever! As holistic doctors who practice Network Chiropractic, we believe that getting adjusted helps release this stored tension in the body. During NSA treatment sessions, we work with the central nervous system to unwind stored tension/stress that lingers in the body. Through gentle contacts along the neck, back, and spinal cord, our team of holistic chiropractors helps your body let go of the tension that it holds and become more open to the present moment.

Natural Remedy for Anxiety

There are natural remedies for anxiety that people can implement into their lives to start feeling better and releasing their emotions. Network Chiropractic is a holistic chiropractic technique that is completely natural, non-invasive, and gentle touch. There is no cracking or popping of bones involved. This chiropractic approach is holistic in nature. Instead, we help the nervous system unwind tension that can be stored in the body from things like emotional trauma. Social anxiety, over time, can lead to serious emotional turbulence. Click here to learn more about natural remedies for social anxiety.

Our team of holistic doctors is here to support you within the community. We work with practice members to help guide them through anxiety along their healing journeys. Remember one thing:

  • You are not alone

SO many people in the world experience different variations of social anxiety. There is hope! And the universe is here to support you. Contact our team today if you are dealing with anxiety and want to experience Network Chiropractic care. We provide a wellness roadmap to help you break through barriers and optimize how you feel emotionally. You deserve to feel happy every day. If you were wondering if I should tell someone about my social anxiety, being vulnerable is one of the first steps. Being honest and open with yourself allows you to do so with others. Twin Waves Wellness Center, your community, friends, and family are here to support you throughout your journey in working through social anxiety.

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