Somato Respiratory Integration Course

Comprehensive SRI Breathing Exercise Course!

We are offering a comprehensive Somato Respiratory Integration Course that includes several incredible breathing exercises. SRI helps channel the natural rhythm and energy of your body, enabling people to make huge breakthroughs in their lives. This course includes the first 3 out of 12 Stages of Healing. Through this SRI Course, you will help you connect on a deeper level with yourself and unlock your truest potential.

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What The Somato Respiratory Integration Course Includes

Twin Waves Wellness Team

In-depth Review of the 4 Seasons

  • Provided in a downloaded PDF

SRI Stage 1 – Suffering

  • Comprehensive explanation of Stage 1
  • Demo video with directions of Stage 1 Breathing Exercise

SRI Stage 2 – Polarities and Different Rhythms

  • Comprehensive explanation of Stage 2
  • Demo video with directions of Stage 2 Breathing Exercise

SRI Stage 3 – Stuck in a Perspective

  • Comprehensive explanation of Stage 3
  • Demo video with directions of Stage 3 Breathing Exercise


  • $19.99 for the first 3 Stages of Healing

Who Is This Breathing Exercise Course For?

Both Ladies…

… And Gentlemen

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