Stage 10 of Healing - Ascent

The Stage Ten experience dissolves our sense of self as separate from the rest of the world. The tenth stage of healing is the ascent stage. Although not the highest stage of healing, it is the most sought after. For those of us seeking spiritual enlightenment, healing, or a sense of connectedness with all of creation, the consciousness and rhythms of Stage Ten are usually the highest expressions of what we are seeking.

For those of us who have moved through the previous nine stages of healing, Stage Ten is the “reward” for our efforts. It is the stage when we relinquish our sense of self completely and merge with Universal Consciousness. As a result, we open ourselves to new realms of existence. Our sense of self can be viewed as a candle. Up to this point in the healing process, we may have a very bright candle, shining with the light of our being.

In our previous stage of healing, we become aware that there is a bright light outside. If we walk outside into the brilliance of the noon sun, it appears that our candle is no longer lit. This is the concept of how our sense of self is relinquished in the vast brightness of the Universal Consciousness of Stage Ten.

Stage Ten Exercise

Lie on your back with your legs bent, feet on the floor. As you breathe in through your mouth, gently raise your hips off the floor and tilt your head back gently until your chin is pointing up. While you do this, raise your arms and join your hands in front of your forehead in a classic gesture of prayer. Drink in air with your mouth, making the sound of the wind as you breathe.

As you breathe out through your mouth, lower your hips and lower your hands, yet maintain their praying position.

Your fingers will now be pointing between your legs. As you connect with the rhythm of this stage (which is likely to be within one minute when you are truly in Stage Ten), your body may tend to arch in response to your union. Repeat as often as you wish. Rest for at least 15 minutes after this exercise.

Your reality will be truly altered, and a few moments’ time to integrate your experience is necessary before going back to your routine.

To learn more about the stages: SRI Basics

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