Stage 11 of Healing - Descent

In the Descent stage of healing, our intuition brings us more into alignment with life’s natural rhythms. We perceive ourselves as being conduits of the universal coherent rhythms in all we see, hear, breathe, and touch. We uplift the situations around us because we no longer become hooked into the drama of, or attachment to, our experiences. A basic lesson of this stage is to sustain gratitude and remain in awe of the miracle of life while we perform our daily activities.

To the degree we are able to function from our true self and our natural internal rhythms (as opposed to reacting to the alienated, dissonant aspects of our nature, as in the earlier healing stages), we can serve as powerful agents for service and healing in the world. This affects us individually, and it can have a profound impact on our relationships with others and the greater community.

Stage 11 Experience:

Stand with your feet apart, shoulder width. Bend your knees slightly and rock your pelvis back and forth. With your right hand, fold your little and ring fingers against your palm while joining your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

This is the traditional hand gesture used in blessing. Hold your left palm open, yet relaxed.

Maintain these hand and finger positions and gently bring your hands to your chest, right hand over left, as if you are cupping your heart. As you do this, bend your neck forward and slightly bend your knees. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your nose as you open both hands and slightly rotate them inward as if you were about to clap your hands.

Maintain the same right hand and finger position. As you exhale, tilt your neck backward and slightly arch your back. Do this rapidly, about ten times, then let yourself slow to a natural pace. Repeat, allowing the rhythm to connect with you. Hold the position as long as it feels natural.

To learn more about the stages: SRI Basics

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