Stage 2 - Polarities and Rhythms

For the first 3 months in 2023, we will be running our 12 Stages of Healing program. With that, we also have a workbook to help you understand and work through the stages of healing. 

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Polarities and Rhythms 

At Stage Two of healing, we often refer to our limbs and organs as if they were not a part of us. We think of our health problems as if they were dropped on us from outer space, such as: “I caught the ‘flu,” “my angina is acting up,” or “my arthritis is killing me.” We separate our suffering from our body rather than working to experience the body as a whole. This projection can often further add to the source of suffering rather than separate us from it, no matter how much we seek to do so.

At this stage, we’re looking for a magic remedy or genie to resolve all issues. We dream of something or someone saving us from the bad and transforming it into the good. Unfortunately, when we wish for magic, we leave ourselves powerless, only allowing ourselves to be rescued by something that doesn’t exist.

Seeing relief from outside sources is all too common in our culture, from drug companies to the self-help market, spiritual masters to diets that promise too much – it’s hard to hide from the external, and at stage two, we rely on it over ourselves.

In those instances, we are grateful to the rescuer for saving us from our woes. We tell the whole world how this person or thing saved us, whether it’s a guru, medicine, physician, or treatment. It becomes the only solution we can see. This overreliance will inevitably lead to disappointment, reigniting the process again. The thing that saved us no longer seems perfect, and we’re angry and seeking someone or something to blame – often the initial relief we believed to be the overall solution.

Fluctuating between stages one and two is most common, with many people never getting to stage three (which we’ll discuss next month). It remains a never-ending cycle of suffering and solution without any resolution.

However, finding the pattern can help us to overcome it. Connecting life circumstances with ailments can uncoil the circle, allowing for a linear progression to the next phases of healing. Yet, understanding that it will go in ripples and waves rather than one straight path is essential to the process.

Suffering occurs when our thoughts and actions are incompatible with the natural rhythms of our bodies and life. When these rhythms cannot work in harmony for the growth and betterment of self, suffering develops, and we experience the isolated, repressed, denied, or ignored parts of ourselves. Suffering makes us aware — even if not consciously — that our thoughts and actions are not in harmony with the rhythms guiding our lives.

By the time we arrive at Stage Two, the vast endlessness of suffering has been replaced by an awareness that the experiences we have been going through contain intervals that are free from suffering. Like other natural cycles and rhythms, suffering has a pattern of its own. In Stage Two, we have a glimpse of regaining our power; we see a pattern to what is or is not working, and we become aware that we are involved in the process. At the same time, our sense of self is strong enough to realize that we are now a “person suffering.” There is a greater awareness that I am the person who is experiencing the suffering.

At this point, we need not figure out our role in the process. Instead, we need only become aware of a rhythm or pattern and that we participate in it.

Interested in doing some SRI stages with us? Come to our workshop on 2/23/23!

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