Stage 5 of Healing

Stage Five of the healing process requires individuals to merge with their fears, pain, illusions, and concerns that cause suffering. This stage is a rite of passage allowing us to confront our shadow or the “dark side” of ourselves, to integrate it into the whole of our being.

To heal, individuals must understand and work with the experience of suffering and invest their energy in getting to know it better, sitting with it, and understanding its source to be able to move past it. It pushes us to visit places in our healing cycle we may not feel comfortable visiting, seeing where the suffering began and why. However, at this stage, we understand that we aren’t suffering, it’s a separate aspect of ourselves rather than a definition of who we are.

Network Chiropractic care can help individuals spontaneously merge with the source of their suffering by removing interference in the spinal system and nervous systems. This merge can lead to discovering the truth about oneself beyond the illusion, resulting in a new sense of empowerment on intellectual, spiritual, and emotional levels.

However, merging needs to come about naturally, not intentionally. It is generally somewhat surreal, where time and space feel a little warped, leading to a spiritual portal for healing. However, finding ways to merge with the “beast within” is necessary to become whole again and initiate a cycle of healing and continued growth, allowing you to move on to the next stages in the months to come.

As we observe and merge with what is beyond the distress, we invite that aspect of ourselves to grow up and become part of who we are again. For that, it’s necessary to withhold judgment, be open to observing the drama, and feel what is being felt in each moment rather than separating our experiences and dividing minor parts of ourselves.

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