Stage Nine of Healing

Stage Nine of the healing process, also known as “Light Behind the Form,” marks the beginning of transcendent phases of healing. It’s a level of heightened consciousness where we sense life’s energy beyond physical form. Although we are acutely aware of the physical forms around us, we begin to perceive that life is more than the outward physical manifestation.  It is also the energy, the force, and the light behind the form.

Albert Szent-Gyorgi’s idea of a universal life force is key here; it’s an energy that powers existence, standing behind all creation and evolution. In earlier stages, we might deny its existence, but in Stage Nine, we feel it flowing through us. It’s undeniable, and like electricity, universal energy is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.  On an elemental level, it creates, maintains, and heals our bodies throughout our lives.

The Stage Nine experience varies; warmth, light, vitality, or tingling may be felt. Yoga, bodywork, and other therapies can trigger it, often followed by a wave-like sensation. These sensations, however, are insufficient without the emotions they come with. Namely: peace, joy, and gratitude. Various practices utilize this energy, like Qigong, acupuncture, and prayer. 

In the early part of this stage, we are excited and startled as we begin to feel the energy field and may actually begin to “play” with it.  In the middle of Stage Nine, we are in awe of the process we are experiencing.  As the stage concludes, we understand the rhythm that tells us, “There is an energy that flows through me, there is a consciousness that I am made of, there is an aspect of my reality I have never known before.  I am not a fixed product or body, but I am in the process of unfolding.” This understanding opens us to new paradigms in life as we experience being in awe of this vital life force.  As the stage concludes, we wouldn’t consider playing with this energy, but simply seek to honor it.  Gratitude and awe go hand in hand with Stage Nine.  Therefore, when asking for help you may say something like, “Thank you for this life force, and may it continue to flow through me. 


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