Stage 6 of Healing - Preparing for Resolution

Stage Six is seen as both a transitional and action phase that helps the body and mind become more flexible to release and resolve trapped issues from the past that no longer serve us and prepare for significant changes to come that will help us progress. This stage provides the necessary flexibility and momentum for the desired transformations to occur, often involving lifestyle modifications, embracing new perspectives on healing, and committing to wellness practices.

During Stage Six, there is a sense of impending release and a feeling that something needs to change. With that, you become more energized and flexible, preparing for resolution. Of course, chaos and discomfort are essential for meaningful change and healing to take place, and that’s why seeking support from healing practitioners who understand the transformative process you’re going through can be crucial.

It’s helpful to flow with the natural rhythms of this stage, dealing with the initial discomfort and ambivalence, and giving way to the calm desire to finally release and let go. These releases may be both physical and emotional and as Stage Six progresses, we become more energized and more flexible on all levels, in preparation for Stage Seven: Resolution. When it’s reaching its end there is a recognition of the strength and breakthrough you’ve achieved in this time as well as a willingness to face any further challenges you may face up ahead.

The transition from Stage Six to Seven may seem dramatic, and the sudden discharge and change can feel somewhat extreme. However, this pinnacle phase shapes the road we follow throughout the rest of the stages, right through to stage 12. So, face it with full energy and flow with the motions as they come.

To learn more about the stages: SRI Basics

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