Stage Ten of Healing

The Stage Ten experience dissolves our sense of self as separate from the rest of the world. The tenth stage of healing is the ascent stage. Although not the highest stage of healing, it is the most sought after. For those of us seeking spiritual enlightenment, healing, or a sense of connectedness with all of creation, the consciousness and rhythms of Stage Ten are usually the highest expressions of what we are seeking.

Our sense of self can be viewed as a candle. Up to this point in the healing process, we may have a very bright candle, shining with the light of our being. In our previous stage of healing, we become aware that there is a bright light outside. If we walk outside into the brilliance of the noon sun, it appears that our candle is no longer lit. This is the concept of how our sense of self is relinquished in the vast brightness of the Universal Consciousness of Stage Ten. Stage Ten is the “reward” for our efforts. It is the stage when we relinquish our sense of self completely and merge with Universal Consciousness.

In this stage of healing, we transcend time, as if it no longer exists. We also transcend space, as if we are no longer aware of where we are. In Stage Ten, there are no more polarities and dualities. It is no longer us and the universe because we feel that we are the universe. We feel our connectedness to the wind, the light, the rain, and the earth. We also feel deeply connected to every living thing.

In Stage Ten, people often receive wisdom from the spirit realms and attribute names to their sources, such as God, Buddha, Allah, or Christ. Others refer to spirit guides or discarnate philosophers, musicians, or scientists. Receiving wisdom directly from the spirit realms is nothing new. After this connection is made, what we do with the insight is of great importance. Although we can communicate in Stage Ten, our internal communication is through light, tone, breath, and movement. Information we receive in this stage must be communicated through the consciousness of another stage.


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