Stress Awareness Month

Stress is one of the greatest causes of illness. It is estimated that around 90% of illness is caused by stress. Yes, 90%! You read that right. That means how you navigate and release stress building in your body will impact far more aspects of your life than you could have imagined.

Every person deals with stress differently. Some of us cope with it better than others, yet it still has its impact even for those who don’t outwardly show its effects on our lives.

Some of the best ways to treat your body when you’re stressed include:

  • Prioritizing sleep (& getting enough of it)
  • Going outside
  • Breathing fresh air deep into your lungs
  • Light movement (like yoga and stretching)
  • Working out
  • Including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet

As chiropractors, we don’t just see the physical impact stress can have on your body. Instead, we encounter the physical, chemical, emotional overwhelm and demand that it can place on our patient’s shoulders, and it’s our responsibility to help support you through these stresses.

Chiropractic adjustments, and other treatments and tests we provide, can help your adaptive response so you can handle stress better. They help you remain in a peak state capable of handling the challenges of stress and the subsequent issues it can cause for your health. At our practice, we use technologies that monitor EMG, neurothermal, neuropulse, and neural behavior to help us monitor your wellbeing and keep your adaptive response at its best level.

Why is your adaptive response important?

The better your adaptive response, the more you can navigate the instabilities that happen to you physically, chemically, and emotionally in life. Subluxations in your spine impact your nervous system and nervous response. Working with your chiropractor and scheduling regular adjustments can help to reduce any spinal stresses and improve your adaptive response.

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