History of the Easter Bunny

Hop, hop, hop! Spring is in the air and the Easter Bunny delivered Easter eggs to children all around the world.

But where did this lovable but slightly strange bunny come from? Let’s take a hop back in time to find out!

The Easter Bunny’s roots come from German folklore when they believed in a goddess named Eostre, who represented the spring season and fertility. The hare was considered her sacred animal due to its prolific ability to breed; with that, the eggs symbolized new life.

Over time, these beliefs evolved and the hare turned into the Easter Bunny, who brought colorful eggs to children to symbolize the renewal of life that comes with spring.

In the 18th century, the Easter Bunny made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean, arriving in the US with the German immigrants who brought the tradition with them.

Today, the Easter Bunny is a beloved figure around the world and has even inspired a massive variety of Easter-themed treats, from chocolate bunnies to marshmallow chicks. Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or simply enjoy the fun of the holiday, the Easter Bunny is sure to bring a smile to your face and a hop to your step, and it’s always interesting to see where these traditions that we integrate today originate from!

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, we hope the Easter Bunny had a basket full of treats for you to enjoy!

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